csf radiator issues

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Dec 9, 2010
Amelia (east of cincy) ohio
Went to install my csf 2709 and their is nothing to thread the top bolts into. What is the trick?



Everything else looks right


Not sure how it is configured on a 91/92 but on my 94 the part shown in the picture is already attached to the radiator. It looks to me as if the part is welded on not bolted on.

The "part" being the mounting bracket.
The radiator in your first picture doesn't appear to be OEM. The OEM radiator looks exactly like the CSF. Yours appears to have a plastic top tank.

I just replaced an OEM radiator with the CSF 2709 and there are no bolts on the top. The only mounting points are with the 2 side brackets that you have to remove from your current unit and bolt to the new CSF. They attache to the side of the radiator with 2 x 12mm bolts and then to the vehicle at the bottom of the bracket and the front of the bracket. Also, there are two bolts toward the top that go through to the front of the vehicle. They are accessed by removing the grill and then going through the "slot" that is between the back of the headlight and radiator support part of the body. They have a large rubber bushing that acts as a dampener. They are a SOB to get in/out because of the slight angle and poor access, but just be patient. Here are a few pics, but they're not great.



I would have to say this is OEM just because my 91 parts truck has the same radiator and yes it is a plastic top tank. The csf does have studs welded on the side. So I'm gathering these will hold it in place?
not sure

I've always thought that the OEM radiators were all brass, but guess I could be wrong. Either way, my CSF dropped right into my '91 with no fit problems. Take the mounting brackets off of your current unit, transfer them to the new unit. With this bracket, it mounts at 2 points (down and towards the front of the truck). Then the only other mounting points are the higher ones with the rubber bushing. Once its all buttoned up, its rock solid and won't budge. Good luck
Aggiesdm is correct. The bolts at the top in the OP's original pic are part of the radiator framing on the OEM and Koyo aftermarket radiators. I'm guessing CSF just welds that up?

The bolts and nuts inbrokeagain's pic don't mount the radiator to the vehicle, as they are lower down as shown in the pic Aggiesdm posted.
A good checklist thread.

Note the need to remove at least one battery tray if you have dual batteries. The checklist says you can get away without pulling the headlights loose, but that's quick and much easier to get to the two upper bolts with them out.

Also, be prepared with some foam to replace the old. I just used a quality closed-cell foam made for weatherstripping. You need a length of what they term "air conditioner" foam, say 1.5" or 2" square for the one bottom piece. The rest can be 3/8" thick.
It ended up being nothing. Toyota bolts the bracket that bolts to the core support to the radiator. Csf builds it into the radiator. It's a pita job though

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