Csc Paypal?

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Sep 22, 2003
do we have a CSC paypal account? not sure what it takes to get one but it seems like it would be a good idea no? money could be sent in for renewal of memberships (which i need to do) or the spacers or whatever? maybe we already have one and im just out of the loop but what do you think?

I asked the same question a bit ago and pretty much got a curt NO.
We don't have a paypal account, I don't use them and don't know what it would take to set one up. Phil may know?
All you need is an email address and a checking account. Really easy, however PayPal is NOT free... :frown:
Paypal costs nothing to the sender. It is the reciever who pays out a percentage. I can't remember the exact percentage but it's like 3% or something like that.
And... no, we do not have a Club paypal account.
If we did, I would be more than happy to pay the extra 3%.
el_diabolico said:
If we did, I would be more than happy to pay the extra 3%.

Me too
X2 msahr, easy to do. Or does Phil have a personal account? that could save the 3%.
You might want to be careful about opening such an account.

There's countless stories of people who ran websites, and collected funds either as website or club fees, or even sites that were collecting donations for the Katrina victims, which Paypal froze and shutdown.

I've even had 2 Paypal accounts in the past, and transfered funds from one account to the other which somehow redflagged Paypal and my accounts were frozen. They didnt just request, but DEMANDED tracking numbers for those orders....

Even after explaining that these were just money transfers from account A to account B, and the description said "TRANSFER" - Paypal refused to unlock the account because I was not providing them the tracking numbers they requested.

Another site which apparently regularly does several thousand dollars of business per month from merchandise on their site through Paypal had their account locked and all the funds froze after receiving like $28k in donations for the Katrina victims.

The website owner explained to Paypal and showed them the website, using a Paypal donations icon, which did not help. The funds were to be donated to the Red Cross per the website's description, but Paypal refused to budge. After lawyers were involved, Paypal finally said "well, we won't send the funds to the Red Cross since we don't have an agreement with them, but we can send the funds to United Way."

From what I read through that whole problem, nobody wanted to send money to United Way for some problem in the past where the charity was using donations for something else besides helping people - I'm not sure what that whole deal was.

Anyways, it took several weeks for Paypal and the lawyers to come to an agreement and just release the funds back to their original payer accounts...

It would suck to have someone's personal or business account FUBAR'ed because Paypal is weird.

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