CSC July Meeting Agenda 7.15.2016

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Mar 10, 2004
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CSC July Meeting Agenda 7.15.2016

Same old place :(

Sonic <location map link

Starting time 7:30 PM NOTE: earlier start time

***CSC Shirts are in!***

Meeting agenda
  • Introduction of first time guest
  • Introduction of new members
  • Run of the month – Recent details and previous reports
  • Up coming ROTM Details on the North Rim
  • More discusion on other meeting locations with FOOD:popcorn:
  • New Business
Jack heads in attendance? I have one on hold with you for an 80 (*I only own one LandCruiser which is a rarity in this club!)
Will be there to pick up jack head for my lone cruiser
I'll be there with my newest cruiser purchase. I own more than one cruiser. That's why I'm broke.:hillbilly:
Good to hear long time no see

It's been too long. Life's been crazy and I've been busy building something not cruiser related haha. But I'm not ashamed :hillbilly:
I'll be there, and in the solo cruiser club as well.
I'll be there with new springs and tires assuming all goes well at the shop tomorrow. I will be coming straight from the shop pretty much so I will have 1 year old stock LX springs and 30mm spacers plus 5 stock street tires with me if anybody needs something like that. About 20k left on the tires but 6 years old.
If whoever said they had a portable outdoor movie screen we could borrow will bring it Friday it will be greatly appreciated. If you are coming on the July run of the month to the north rim then just bring it then. We are planning a movie night at the rim.
I will be there and I own zero Land Cruiser at the moment.
I you don't have any cruisers how many "rebadge cruisers " under the Lexus brand do you have?
I will not be able to make it to the meeting tonight.

Can someone else take notes and update the meeting thread afterwards?
Hi guys. I'm in the area and planning to stop by to reintroduce myself. Newish to the area but I'll with my wife and our 80.
Hi guys. I'm in the area and planning to stop by to reintroduce myself. Newish to the area but I'll with my wife and our 80.
Glad you guys made the meeting. Nice meeting you.
@rctoyota Nice to meet you both, congratulations on the recent wedding. Cleo seemed to enjoy your Landcruiser and she hung out with a bunch of old people. I'm sure @brices123 has already sent a note to Mr. Schumacher giving him a hard time.

Hope to see you on a club run sometime soon.
Hi everyone. It's was really nice meeting everyone in the club. We had a great time tonight. We were happy to meet a great group of friends that enjoy land cruisers as much as we do. I look forward to future meetings and hopefully some runs soon with everyone. I'll start planning my schedule out now for events. See you guys soon.

Jason and Cleo @rctoyota Newly Weds recently arrived from California With their white SUPER CHARGED 93 FZJ80


Run Of The Month series is for everyone to get out with their trucks, regardless of skill level, so everyone can learn how to wheel safely. No one wants to see someone damage their truck.

July ROTM - Jason @jclarke450 is leading a trip to the North Rim between July 21-25. North Rim/Jacob Lake July Trip

August ROTM - Adam @floggerdogger is leading a trip to Riggs Flat lake. Here's the thread for further details August ROTM - Riggs Flat Lake .

September ROTM - Alvis @Cruddz

Keep an eye on the forum for dates and threads for these runs. Summer months are perfect time to head north and get some altitude for cooler weather.

Reminder: If you lead a ROTM, here's a good template for your trip reports - CSC Trip Report template

New Business

A west side beering meet is in the works. Look for details soon

The August club meeting will be moved to the 27th at a to be anounced GPS coordinate.

Thanks to Jackson @medtro for taking pics.

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