Crusier Revs when Fan is turned on

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Oct 22, 2009
So under normal driving conditions ilde, acceleration and drivability are fine. But, when the fan is turned on the vehicle revs about 150 rpms intermittently. More so when braking. Any thoughts looked quickly at vac lines but they were all connected.

Any suggestions would be helpful.
I removed the throttle body and chipped away all the black crust on the small hole at the top of the manifold. My cruiser idles perfectly now and no longer revs up when the ac is turned on.
Not the A/C more so the heater but hot or cold just when the fan is turned from off to an on setting
Its a 94 with out auto climate control.
When braking or at a stop when it is noticeable, the cruiser will lurch forward from a surge in the engine increasing the rpms.
I will do that and report back. I am sure it has never been done. It will probably have to wait though, I think the new baby is finally coming!

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