Cruise Moab 2022

Apr 21, 2005
I dunno - my wiper rests at the top of the windshield not the side :hmm:

and, BTW, the 80s and 100s still stop nilly-willy any trail I take my 40 on :rolleyes: (so, when I feel like it, I "educate" them ;)) - every time I am in the 80 or the LX, I make damn sure I don't misbehave like they do :doh:

with all of the newbies we have taken out on the trail lately (and who were all in autotranny trucks), I have always explained the "nilly-willy" problem, so that they don't inconvenience manual transmission trucks, but who knows how long the lessons last . . . :meh:

Wondering because of where this FJ40 came from if some how the wiper motor got switched with one from RHD? Switch that opens the circuit would be at the opposite end of the stroke. I have a pair of TNK wiper motors for the 61-67 40 series that are for RHD. One was on an 1962 production LHD FJ40. Other came in with a group of TNK wipers I bought off eBay years ago.

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