Costco wont insure with over sized tires?

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Sep 13, 2014
Prescott AZ
So I have 2 daily drivers for my wife and I, as well as my 80 for when it snows, and me and my sons "adventure truck". I have Liberty Mutual and wanted to compare my rates. When I added the LC to the policy I did liability only based on the frequency of use, value of vehicle, general durability, and some of the opinions I read here. Adding it was no problem.

Costco asked if there were any modifications and I told them a small ;) lift and over sized tires. BAM! No coverage. I know I should have kept my mouth shut, but I hate to think that if I punch a Honda and do some damage, they might refuse to cover the incident as the bumper is now not at stock height.

Do you guys tend to run liability only? Have others run into this?
I have liability only on both of my 80s, and my Jeep Grand, and my civic ;)

Never had to use it, but also was not asked if there were any modifications, my 93 is stock except the 285's, the 95 on the other far from it haha

Try another company...
What about with comprehensive coverage?

Or as suggested, another company.
I got coverage with my current company. I have just heard great things about Costco rates and wanted to get an estimate. I re-evaluate all my insurance coverages annually to get the best rates, and I only go with established reputable companies.
Some insurance companies are like this with modded vehicles
Aaa is cool with it, at least here in California
If your rig Is Insured with full coverage you will be able to negotiate with the Insurance Co.all your documented upgrades and mods If you are damaged beyond book value. Allstate agent discussion two weeks ago. Good Luck.!
If you're in the Northeast, and you have a perfect driving record check with Erie Ins.. I've got full coverage on mine and my wife's beetle... I keep photos and receipts of all upgrades and major maintenance in the safe deposit box with the title... I showed my agent a couple of similar rigs selling on eBay for 15,000 and up.. One was fetching 18,900 and one from Florida was asking nearly 30,000... My agent assures me that the " replacement cost " paperwork I signed and pay a bit extra for, is as good as gold... I dumped Liberty Mutual nearly 20 years ago.. If, on the other hand, you cannot purchase " preferred insurance " you're basically stuck with high prices and fine print... Oh BTW,, a clean driving record really does pay big dividends,, we pay a bit less than 1,200 a year for full coverage on both vehicles...

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