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Apr 13, 2011
Orange, CA
Alright guys, I'm a little new to the forums, but not new to mechanical work. I came from working on Nissan's in the drifting scene to the Toyota 4Runner.

I picked up a 1991 SR5 V6 4Runner about 5 months ago, and it's been treating me well until recently.

Starting overheating, turned out my radiator cap needed replacing, so done and done. Then again, overheating started, this time I found a pinhole leak in a hose. So I took it to a shop to test the cooling system, turns out the water pump is leaking like crazy, as well as a crack in the thermostat housing, and the radiator. Also had them test the oil pressure since the OEM gauge is poop, came out with 50psi which is good news.

My question to you guys is, if I replace the entire cooling system on the car, will that in turn put too much pressure on the (most likely) weak headgasket causing it to blow? It had the warranty done in 1997 already.

163xxx miles
Manual, 4x4

Thanks in advance!


Feb 14, 2008
On the farm
While you are at it, change the silicon oil in your fan clutch... The FAQ thread has a link to a writeup on how to do it.

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