Cool events to think about for 2018... let's hear 'em

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    I suggest you look on the Rising Sun club website on MUD. They do a lot of wheeling over the course of a year and I would think you could hook up with them for a weekend or week-long event. No real major events that I know in Colorado.

    You could drive another few hundred miles and get to Cruise Moab it's a great event with very well orchestrated trail rides that you sign up for. Trail leaders in my experience have been very good. That would be a good way to get in some great wheeling and feel relatively comfortable.

    Or drive to Colorado yourself or find another land cruiser guy to go along with you. Or two or there more guys. if you know nothing about the state get a copy of the latest editions of Charles Wells guide to Colorado Backroads and 4-wheel Drive Trails. great guide books. Find a copy of the pass patrol guidebook volume 1 on EBay (or send me your address and I'll led you mine). There are unlimited opportunities in CO to do great wheeling. On our trip this past September we spent eight days on the trails and three days driving each way. We didn't go anything difficult although there is an awful lot of pucker factor on many of the trails. Plenty of places to camp and also plenty of places to stay in cabins or motels. September is my favorite time- you get to see the aspen changing colors, kids are back in school, and it's far less crowded than in the summer. Trails offroad is another very good resource for trail guides.

    Feel free to contact me with a personal message if you have any questions. Colorado is awesome!!!!! get to the meeting this Wednesday and ask the guys who were on our trip this year what they think.
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