Converting "03" Highlander Limited front seat's to FZJ80 brackets?

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Oct 9, 2019
I'm sure this will prolly be a repeat for some of you, b/c I posted a similar question the f/b 80's page yesterday. Went to the local junkyard yesterday and stumbled across these "03" Highlander Limited front seat's in pretty decent condition for pretty cheap, they just need cleaned up. By looking at the brackets in the picture, can anyone tell me, if I remove the brackets on the Highlander seats, can I install the L.C brackets to the Highlander seats, or can I cut the brackets off of the original 80's front seats, then weld them to the Highlander seats? Or am I going to have to swallow the hard pill and buy seat conversion brackets?



The problem with 80 seats is the mounts are asymmetrical. Inside of the seat is much higher than the outboard.

Highlander seats may work with aftermarket bracket if you cut the mounting feet off, maybe.
The problem will be the trans hump. 80 seat is cutout for it. Most other seats are not, so you will have the seat too high or outboard to clear the hump.
Most aftermarket seat bottoms are thin enough, while most OE seats are quite deep.
this might be of some use


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