Considering getting a second cruiser...

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Jan 22, 2015
I'm considering getting a 100, or gx470 for my wife. What are the major mechanical issues to look for, and at what mileage? If it has a tow package, would it be able to pull my 77 on a flatbed? If not, what would be required to make it comfortable to do so. I'm not looking to off road the truck too much if at all, at least for the near future (I know what happens when you say, it's just a daily). Thank you all for your input.
How much does your 77/trailer weigh? A tow-package GX is rated for 6500lbs.
I don't remember the weight exactly according to the title, but it's increased since I had the car registered. If I had to guess, it's probably going to be pushing the limit unless I buy a super expensive ultralight trailer with brakes.
Get a tundra with 5.7 for towing.
I'm looking for primarily a family car. I only figured I might be able to double dip. I'll likely end up getting an older Chevy to tow stuff down the line.

I really appreciate everyone's input.

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