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Asian Redneck
Mar 10, 2008
Belton, SC
Gona try and get my radiator changed out this weekend. If yall wanna come by and BS, and make a fool of my self
PM me and ill get you directions.

Gona try and get started before noon, get all associated parts in the AM.

Ben if you have any issues and need a pointer you can give me a call.


I just did this a little while ago so it's fresh in my mind.

What ever you do make sure you flush the block while the radiator is out.

Do you have the fsm on this?

Never mind I'll just attach it for anyone who needs it.


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  • radiator.pdf
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Ive got the FSM some were on the computer, only thing im not certin how much coolant to get, 5 gals sound right?
ratchet wrenches are your friend.
had only one more trans line to disconnect on saturday till the rain came down. Hand all bruised up cant even make a fist. Took it easy sunday, hand is still swollen, family had the day off so we went out and relaxed, ill try and get the last line off this week before work, very doubtfull........
finally got it out just need to bypass rear heater and flush system then put the new rad in.... doesnt look like its gona happen this weekend gota work Grrr
NICE voluntary weekend, a long weekend at that, SO im gona work on the truck this LONG weekend hope i get it done this time....
finally got this running on its own power, now i have to carry a case of ATF for the power steering pump is a fountain leak....

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