Code 42- Does anybody know a solution

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Mar 7, 2008
sunset, Louisiana
hey guys, i recently just fixed my TPS on my 1989 3fe fj62 LandCougar and so i pulled the efi fuse and disconnected the battery to erase codes and the TPS one left but code #42 is still there. vehicle speed sensor or ecu. does anybody know if this harms your truck if you cant fix it. also the only reason i may think it tripping code 42 is because i have a broken speedo cable............could that be it? thanx fella's
really, it can affect my performance? thats nuts, well hopefully i havent messed anything up. i guess i will try to replace it very soon. what part of the performance does it affect? and are the fj60 and fj62 speedo cable the same? thanx for ur input again pablocruise.(u seem to be showing up to help me,lol) my gaurdian LandCougar u would say.thanx
i skimmed over this before but this time i read it all and i get it so thanx for the tip RockDoc. appreciate ur help.-Cody

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