Clutch release bearing question

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Aug 1, 2007
Germantown, IL
I have an '84 extra cab sr5 and had to replace the clutch. The clutch kit from Napa is an 8 7/8" clutch which was the same. The release bearing on the other hand was not, it seems that I have a release bearing from the turbo models but was told that those are a 9 1/4 clutch. From the searches I have done the trans is the G52.

Why would G52 have a R151 release bearing.

I bought this truck in stock form from the original owner so there were no mods done of any kind that I'm aware of or was told of.
Does yours have the one piece pressed type bearing, or the 2 piece that you have to take apart and put a new bearing on?

My 86 pickup with a 22R and a G52 had the one piece pressed bearing, and the kit I bought came with the other type, so I went and found the solid collar piece to use the bearing I got with the kit...

After looking around I found that the pressed type was used on the V6's, but didn't think much of it... Maybe they used what was on hand on a few occasions...?
It's a one piece unit that has a smaller inner diameter by ruffly an 1/8" and a shoulder area with spring clip to retain it to the clutch fork.

The one that came with the kit would definately need to have another piece to make it work.
According to the EPC, they didn't start using using the one-piece units 'till the beginning of the '88 model year. The release that was in my '87 R151 was 2-piece with a separate bearing.

I think that someone swapped that clutch at some point and got sold a one-piece, so that's what they stuck in.
Thanks for the info.

I got a look at a Mitchell break down sheet today and came to the conclusion that it had to of been changed prior. I am missing the hub portion for the two piece.

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