Clear for another 2 years (2F SMOG rant)

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I feel the pain. Took the FJ62 yesterday and failed (California). Apparently requires repairs up to $500 in repaires to make it pass and waivers that in excess of $500. The good news is that since it is TEST ONLY the state has a program that I can submit an application for and only pay a $100 deductible toward the $500 and will walk away with my certificate.

I got another year to go for my '77, but it passed fine last time, I'm hoping for the best... Missed the new permanent exemption cutoff by ONE YEAR. :mad:
CA's permemanent exemption is 30yrs?:eek:
It's obvious that none or most of the auto manufactures didn't now $hit about emissions in the 80's. It's almost like the just tried to put every fishing lure and rubber hose they had on the engines in an effort to please the Man. [kissass voice]"Look at all the neat stuff we've put on can we sell our vehicles now"[/kissass voice]

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