Cleaned MAF & won't run now

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Oct 5, 2006
Murfreesboro Tenn.
Hey got a question...

I went to clean my cruiser up and cleaned the MAF throttle body and put it all back together changed the air cleaner and now it turns over, run for a second or two idles up to 1000RPM then it dies. I need help, what do I need to check now?
Connector at the AFM would be my first guess. Did you leave it unhooked? Did you tamper with the two screws of death at the connector?
Vacuum leak? I would inspect the intake hose to the throttle body for cracks that may have amplified while you were working. Also look for vacuum lines that may have been accidentally pulled off their ports.
Well the connector is hooked up and i have checked the vacuum lines as well. As for the two screws of death I did unscrew them, broke loose the gasket thing then saw what I didn't understand so I put it back together. I guess that was a bad thing...?

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