Clean up at Ralph's went well, but DANG I'm sore.

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I aim to misbehave
Sep 19, 2006
My legs
My arms
My back
My ringing head!

WHew! What a day! Everybody worked hard feeding the Green Machine everything from small twigs to 10" hardwood trees. I'm glad we had a decent size group for this, since it seems Ralph has big plans for his little off road park. This will be one of the best places for us to hold events in this state, especially since it appears our "off the map" sites are succumbing to development.

Glad to see everyone that showed up.

We had a pretty good run on the trails later after work was completed. Josh, John, Phil, Heather and myself were hitting the hills pretty good in an effort to capture my overheating on camera. Well, it didn't take long and I appreciate the guys in the 40's bearing with our little FJC experiment. As Heather and I were catching up with the 40's on Colby Creek we took the lakeside trail around and well....

You guys *almost* missed me roll Dig-Dug. Heather bypassed the trees that nearly bottle neck our wide trucks on that lakeside trail and I simply followed suit. The problem was I took a slightly different line and my front passenger wheel found a hole during our little bypass. We lurched over towards Cat's side and my heart jumped into my throat! I guess I did the right thing by mashing the skinny pedal because instead of rolling over on our side we cleared the hump and my back end finally dropped into the mud slot. We quickly clambered out of the mud and back up onto the trail. Heather had seen the whole thing in her rear view mirror and jumped out to make sure we had made it. Dig-Dug pulled through and I sprouted a few more grey hairs in that moment. Wow, talk about adrenaline! When I finally had a second to look at Cat, she had sunk so far into her seat you would have thought it was a custom seat cover painted to look like a person was sitting there. Her hands sunk into the arm rests and her head was stiff against the headrest.

So after our little brush with near-carnage, watching Josh and John go up Colby Creek was not as thrilling as I know it really is. I hopped shotgun in John's 40, I think in part, just to calm my own nerves.
Clean-up at Ralph's

I saw Ralph yesterday and he asked me to send everyone his thanks and appreciation for the great work-day Saturday. He said it would have taken a long time to do what you guys did.

Ralph wanted to express his sincere appreciation to everyone who attended, and he hopes to see us again in the future. The Georgia Cruisers are welcome at Spring Lake!

My personal thanks to all who came. I regret that I could not be there, but sounds like we had a great turn-out.

Thanks to everyone that came we actually got a lot done at this work day.

BTW where are the pics and video???
Sorry I couldn't stay longer and didn't have my truck. Helping the club out - wheeling or not- is key for me. Glad to have everyone there.
Sorry I wasn't able to help. Zack was sick and Ben is 3...parenthood :)

At least we could stop by and watch you all work! hehe.
Well I finally got some of the pics uploaded.












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