clanking from rear third member

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Sep 11, 2007
New Jersey
my 89 4runner is making a something-is-loose-clanky-feeling/noise (sorry for the technical jargon) when i started rolling from a dead stop. i checked the motor mounts, tranny mounts, wheel bearings, front driveshaft, exhaust and everything i could think of just to narrow it all down, and it appears to be my rear third member. it is leaking a bit and there is some play right where the driveshaft goes into the casing. is there a seal there? what is potential wrong/broken here? i never had to tear into an axle before and i need to be pointed in the right direction....thanks....

- doug
Did you check the muffler bearings?
You may just need to tighten the nut holding on the drive flange on the third member (whatever it's called, the bigazz nut you see when you pull the driveshaft off and look at the 3rd.). If you are leaking you should replace the seal there (pinion seal I believe). I haven't torn too far into a diff but I believe there is a bearing close to that seal that goes around the pinion and if that was going bad I could see it flopping around real bad under minimal load.
large nut

well i repacked the muffler bearings every 3,000 miles like the manual says, so it can't be them....

i'll check the shocks, but i'm pretty sure it's pinion flange nut thinger, which i didn't even know was there. so i'll pull that off and throw a new seal on and see what happens i guess....

the play seems to be both up and down and side to side if i remember right....

and as usual, thanks for the help
Ok, my guess is the nut backed off, or the bearings are worn out, or something is up with the crush sleeve. But the bottom line is the same, pull it apart and find the problem...

To change the seal, you have to take the nut off, which lets the pinion bearings loose, so you'll probably need a new crush sleeve at least. Check the FAQ for Zuk's gear install page, read up on some 8 inch diff writeups and you'll get the idea about what's going on in there... Probably best to pull the axles and get the diff out of there to fix this, but time and $ (new axle seals, gasket...) may not allow.
Holy cow, we're talking about an open 4-cyl 4.10 diff, right? No locker or anything? Those are a dime a dozen, I've thrown/given them away. I have a good spare in my garage, but I've already promised it to someone. Look around locally, I bet you can pick one up for really cheap. Post an ad in the Wanted section.

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