chevy v8 conversion

Jul 15, 2003
Hello everybody,
I was wondering if you y'all could help find out all the parts I need to put a 350 smll block chevy with a SM465 transmission. I know that I need a 168 tooth flywheel and an 11 inch clutch, along with ne motor mounts and an adapter from the transmission to to transfer case. Is this all I'm going to need? How do I know where to place the engine in reference to the firewall? Somebody told me I might have to cut new holes in my floor for the shifter on the tranny and transfer case. Do I have to get shorter drive shafts? Can I avoid having to do anything to them?
May 28, 2002
I would recommend getting the AA conversion book. I think it is $10. It has everything in it you will need. Do a lot of research on this site and others for more details and options.
Jan 5, 2003
San Antonio TX
OK, I am still in the middle of my conversion on my 71, I have the AA book but its pretty vague in some areas. I am somewhat capable of mechanical work like clutches , brakes, carbs, etc but this conversion has kinda whipped me. You will need to know how to wire up the 350 from the stock harness which is what I am having the most difficulty with. You can use your stock radiator but have a 4th core installed into it and use a shroud. Some people say you can have a 5th but I am not sure. I bought a centerforce clutch kit for mine and for the time being Im going to run the stock tranny and xfer case until I get rich and can dump more money into it. Another thing is the slave cyl bracket needs to be made and mounted somewhere on the bellhousing. You will have to relocate your battery, and depending on if you are going to stick with stock steering or switch to PS you will change your exhaust manifolds. again, I am using stock steering for now so I bought a set of rams horns manifolds for mine, about 25 bux if you get lucky. The AA manual will tell you vaguely where to set the motor but be careful of the distributor placement, don't get it too close to the firewall so you cant get the cap on or off. Depending on where the engine sets is going to determine if you need to have drive shafts made or not. Back to the tranny, you will have to convert to a floor shift tranny if your rig is a column shift and depending on xfer case setup, (mine is vaccum for now) you will have to cut holes in your tranny cover to match. I think thats about it. email me if you need more info and I'll try to help. One more thing, I bought most of my conversion off of ebay, I bought it piece by piece and it cost me almost half of what the kit runs but you have to wait and see when the parts come around. I may have the flywheel you are needing, 168 tooth new in box.
good luck
if anyone has details on how to wire the 350 to my 71 stock harness please email me at


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Jan 15, 2002
Toquerville UT
if you've got the wire diagram for the FJ40, it's a breeze.

- battery hot direct to the starter big lug
- key-switched hot to the starter small inside solenoid post (black/yellow?)
- coil-hot to the HEI (red/green?)
- ground strap from block to battery

only other is alternator...that one is probably the hardest, but IIRC you just need to connect the thick white/blue wire and one other.
Apr 23, 2003
Bellingham, WA (Lake Samish)
Use a 12" truck clutch.

I had to modify my heater to get my 465 tower up - I have my engine pretty far forward - more cooling air thru the compartment and a better rear shaft.

I could measure it if you would like.

Jan 30, 2002
can i use a 12" clutch with the marks adapter?

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