Chevy conversion headers

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Aug 29, 2003
I am installing outside the frame headers on my SBC fj40. The headers come outside the frame rails and point right at my front body mount bar that extends from the frame.

Has anyone else run into this? Where did you run the exhaust? I don't like the idea of running the exhaust under the frame at that point since I do go offroading a lot and can see it getting caught up. There is some room to turn the exhaust up, back a little and over the frame then back down and back. I'm not an exhaust guy so I don't even know if that is possible.

Thanks, Bob
Hate to say it, but I ditched my fenderwell headers for just those problems. PITA, hugely.

Mine ran under the doorsill and out just ahead of the rear tires. Yes, they were rock grabbers, and yes I usually had to reinstall them every few trips from getting torn off. A year of that and blockhuggers went on.
Same problem here, I hate to take off headers that are working just fine but I'm certain that mine are going to get bashed in sooner than later. I wonder if I'de be able to tell any difference in performance on the block huggers??? and I wonder if they would clear everything under my hood ??? AND the wife is really tired of smelling like exhaust every time she taked a ride ::)
Mine runs 2.5" off the headers into a single 3" out the back. Stock 350 TBI motor, but no complaints on performance. Mine clear great...Summit block huggers. PS is fine, tight on the plug wires (I run Champion Truck wires with ceramic protection), crossover runs right under the pan, muffler in the back, straight out.

Check my pics from Attica in March 2003 and you'll see my poser shot of the

DSC, all you have is funky valve covers anyways...hehehe
whayyda mean funky ???

Its a 283 with Corvette 327 powerpack heads, I assume there's plenty of room for the block huggers. The old Thrush mufflers have about had it anyway and I'm fine with smelling like exhaust but the wifey hates it :D

Here is my current set up (YEa i know its dirty, these are from my "Just got it" pictures)

I already broke off my exuast driving up on some Railroad Ties :whoops:
and am definatly going to switch to some block huggers.. Any Pics of Engines or Undercarage of 40's with SBC and Block huggers and exuast run within the frame rails??

Any help is appriciated

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