Check Engine Light code 71??

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Jul 19, 2006
Pismo, Ca.
My engine started pinging more than the usual the other day and the check engine light came on. The code that came up was 71 (7 blinks then 1). I don't see that as one of the codes. I've re-checked it several times. 7 blinks then 1 second then 1 blink, then 4 seconds and 7 again.
At first I thought it was bad gas from am pm, so I filled her up with premium, but no change.
Could it be the computer module?
Any ideas?? :crybaby:
Thanks guys

note: I rebuilt the engine about 4 years ago.
Thanks, didn't see it in the FSM.
No problem.
Believe me, if it wasn't for this website, I'd be toast.
How weird...

I got the same code and today I failed smog...

Should have had the intermittent engine light checked out a while ago..
Hi Nox means fails smog. Check to see if seat of egr has carbon on it. Dunk the egr into carbon cleaner or have mechanic verify it. But of course, before you do all of this, put a mighty vac on it or other vacuum pump and put a vacuum on it, pop the release button and do this several time. By lifting the valve off the seat, and releasing it, it could dislodge any carbon IF this is the problem. Best to have on a 4 or 5 gas analyzer and see if this works to reduce the nox. Other possibilities, over heating cooling system or air bubbles near the water jacket causing hot spots. Get those cylinder temps below 1,200 degrees and it should pass.

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