Cheap (relatively) A/C fix!?

Mar 28, 2003
;) Just wanted to pass this on due to the recent posts on A/C problems (ie: everyting seems to working but takes a long time to cool). For those who already know this I apologize, for those that don't, it may be the cause of some A/C (or lack thereof) problems.
---- The heater control valve, in my FSM is called the A/C water valve. If you don't know where it is, it is(on the 3FE)on the firewall top center behind the throttle and tranny kickdown cables. (Wish I could post a pic) :-\ Anyway check to see if yours is closing and seating fully (move the temperature slider from cold to hot and back). If it is not or you're not sure, then try this test :
From cold start without A/C running check the outlet hose going into the firewall with your hand, if it gets hot while the vehicle is warming up then the valve isn't seating and allowing hot water to get to the evaporator. Not harmful in itself, the freon will eventually over come and cool it down unless the flow of hot water is equal to or greater than the cold water coming in.
If the valve is bad, the good news is the part is only about 50-75 bucks. I don't have the PN (C-dan?) but it listed (where I was looking) as the heater control valve $ 53.20.
Hope that helps someone cause it is 106F today in the sunshine state!!!!! 8)
Jun 24, 2003
Interesting. yesterday I noticed my A/C system isnt dripping water/condensation. Assuming clogged line and therefore a musty smell. Not usre where this tube is located figure its at the condenser. Anyone else have this problem or any thoughts on this?

Mar 28, 2003
I've had that problem where the water doesn't drip onto the ground. My problem ended up being the drop hose that is located behind the passenger side, under the glove compartment. My hose got kinked, and it would build up, and reward me with water on the floorboard on the passenger side. Once I realized that it wasn't dirt, and that it was kinked, I was able to straighten, and it never re-occurred.
Seminole, I have to look into the problem you describe. I have been having very marginal cooling with my AC. I assume that it is a low charge, and that I need to get charged again. I seem to have to do it every 3rd year. I will have to look into that hose, to see if it infact get's warm to the touch, as I start the cruiser from cold. Thanks for passing that on.


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