Charlotte guys - Vehicle inspection needed, please

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Nov 26, 2006
Been looking at something in Charlotte. Its at a dealer, and the dealer is being well.... a dealer.

Would really appreciate someone from MUD putting their eyes on it, maybe driving it, or at least hearing it run, taking pics, etc....

I'll pay for your time. Text will be fastest. Im not always on MUD.

ditto if dave cant get to it. I'm north of town and Dave is south
If any of the above can't do it, I can. I am southeast of CLT.
I like to see this. You guys are good dudes.
I went out yesterday to check out the vehicle for Jeff. We've been discussing this via PM's. I'm pretty sure I provided him enough pics and other information to make an informed decision.
Another reason why I love MUD. Great, SOLID dudes.

Thank you Dave !!!!

And for the curious, it was a 2009 black 200 series at Town and Country. Looks to be properly maintained (Carfax) and priced according to the condition. Like Dave said, "someone treated an $80K vehicle like a $15K work vehicle" Spot on description.

Cosmetically below average. Tore up from the floor up....

So buying this one if he passes on it? You got room!
No sir. I have projects on deck and projects in queue. I’m good for a while...a long while actually. I did enjoy driving the vehicle in question though. It drove nice.
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