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Jul 14, 2005
Colorado Springs, Co
Hi all, I am looking for a good upgrade for my alternator. I have been looking at delco and bosch units and not coming up with something that fits the stock bracket and hasplenty of amps. I am looking for at least 100 amps but not looking to spend the dough on a mean green. Any help or Ideas would be great. Thanks

I have to recommend the OEM Denso alternator. Remanned runs $180 on I just put one in mine last weekend. The alternator that was in there was something other than Denso and was less than 18 months old before it crapped the bed. Yes, the OEM runs 80 amps, but will get you through another 200k miles.

My two cents!:cheers:

Dozer, Did It bolt into the top stock location or the bottom air pump bracket? Thanks for the help. Ben
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Wish I saw this thread before saturday....

I've got some kind of a GM alternator in my wagon. Not sure which one. Last time it crapped out I just brought it to an alternator shop and he grabbed another off the shelf. I believe it fits pretty much in the stock bracket, and supposedly puts out 100+ amps. Only issue with it is I think it could use a smaller pulley, cause it could use to spin faster at idle.

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