SOLD Central Texas: 1991 1HD-T Engine

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Will Van

Aug 18, 2017
Austin, TX
I'm headed in a different direction with my build. Just acquired this from (outstanding) seller Chapel Gate: SOLD - 1HD T -

Picked it up at the port of Houston last month and it has just been sitting in my garage.



127,000 miles.
Clean running on start up and warm up/idle.
Includes engine harness.

Compression figures: 465, 470, 465, 460, 470, 460.

I'm just looking to get my money back out of it. Asking $8,500 + shipping.
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Hmm...Anyone need a low mile turbo'd 1HZ?
So close, so tempting.....
Will, any info on what has been done on this engine? Water pump/t-belt, BEB's, etc.?
Will, any info on what has been done on this engine? Water pump/t-belt, BEB's, etc.?
No sir. But it only has 127k miles and compression numbers are good.

Out of precaution (if I were to keep it), I would do a timing belt, tensioner, water pump, cam/crank seals, pilot bearing, and BEBs. Valve inspection/adjustment. Then run the piss out of it.
The engine is back for sale.

I apologize in advance (to anyone who has potentially been interested in the engine) for vacillating on the sale. I really want to keep this engine to put in my HZJ75 Pickup. And it is in such excellent condition, it’s hard for me to let go.

But ultimately, it is not in my financial budget to hang on to.

I’m also open to shipping to the lower 48. If you’re seriously interested, contact me so we can discuss options.

Thank you for looking and your patience.

Asking price is $8,500 + shipping.
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