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BioD 60

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Nov 17, 2006
Lane County, OR, USA
"In with the new, out with the old!" (Free tires further down in the post!)...

Looks like I'm going to miss coming up from Eugene for the club meeting this evening. But some of you saw the load of new tires/wheels I had in the back of Beastly at the June meeting. So I wanted to share a pic of how it turned out. They're BFG-KO2 295/75's, on 16" wheels, with 1/4" spacers all around... About 33.4" tall. (The previous setup was BFG-KO 32x11.5's on 15's, at about 31.4" tall, actual)...

Here's what it looks like now... And halfway through the process, with just the fronts switched out...

The darn spare is now just a bit too large (with the hitch receiver I have on Beastly) to get the spare under... so roof-mount for now, and I'm aiming to fabricate a rear swing-out for the spare, later this summer.

And I'm giving away the original tires and wheels free to a good home. You can see them at this 'Mud posting...
So, if you're interested or know someone who is, get in contact with me via DM here on 'Mud, and we'll figure something out.

Hope the meeting goes well, and I'll look for where you all might be going this Saturday for the club event, and maybe see about coming up for that.

Best to you all,
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