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Dec 26, 2006
Mt. Millis
We hijacked Dave's pig thread with idle chatter so I thought we'd move it over to a new thread. Post up all the cars you've owned in your life. Deepest apologies to Dave for besmirching his pig thread.....

These are in order

83 pontiac 2000 $600- blown head gasket
81 chevy citation $500- just plain died
79 olds cutlass $650 engine was beyond tired
84 olds cutlass $3200 again, engine went
79 Z28 $1000- tranny blew
89 Nissan pickup 4WD $5000 sold it for $2K with major oil leaks
92 Honda CRX $2500- totaled it and got $4500 (not my fault)
97 Honda accord $8000 slowest, most boring piece of s*** ever
98 Nissan Maxima $10K 5 speed- loved at car- clutch/ tranny went
98 VW Jetta (only 1 month) $8K- snapped tranny bolts off it in the first 2 weeks. realized Jettas were for girls
04 Nissan Altima $12k boring POS traded it in
00 BMW 328i $12K greatest car ever.

fun ones:
63 olds Dynamic 88
64 olds 88
80 international scout
72 olds cutlass convertible
65 mustang fastback (not so fun)
and roughly 32 land cruisers scattered in between and a few unfortunate Land Rovers.

1982 Honda 400 custom
1957 BSA Road Rocket (you think parts for a cruiser is tough....)
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In no particular order.

97 Toyota Tacoma, $7000 have had it for 5 years and still a daily driver
85 GMC S-15 4x4, $1500, had a tranmission problem, drove it, put another bad tranny in it and sold it.
87 Nissan Sentra, $700, drove for a year and sold it.
81 VW Rabbit Diesel, $150, gave it to the girlfriend when her Omni died
93 Hundai Excel, $700 couple months and blew the tranny gear by gear
89 Toyota Corolla $500 drove for a few months and sold for $750 to a guy that shipped it to his country
79 Chevy Chevette , $500, ran the engine out of oil, would drink 5quarts a week
85 Audi 4000, $2000, smoked really bad sold it
84 Chevy S-10 Blazer 4x4, $550, beat on it didn't hold up long and sold it
89 Chevy S-10 Blazer 4x4 , freebie from the inlaws when my honda got stolen, drove for a year and tranny went
94 Chevy S-10 4x4, $8500 drove for a week, had brake issues and returned to dealer
81 Toyota Hilux 4x4, $1100 drove it for a couple months, tranny went
87 Toyota Hilux 4x4 $950, one of my favorite trucks, just couldn't kill it but finally rotted away
87 Toyota Hilux 4x2, $700, drove it for a couple months sold it
81 Buick LeSabre, freebie from the grandparents drove it for a couple months, blew the engine
91 Honda Accord , $1700 drove it for 7 months and got stolen from UMass
85 Toyota MR2, $500 drove it for a couple months and blew the tranny gear by gear
73 Chevy Corvette ,$7300 first car ever purchased, still have it
77 Toyota FJ45 , $5800 and have been putting more and more money into it.
84 Chevy Camaro ,$1800 first car to be a DD

00 Triumph Sprint RS 955i , $5600 purchased new in 2004 still have it
83 Kawasaki 750, $300 had it for a month and sold it for $600
76 Yahama 750, $400 drove it for 3 months and had wiring issues
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79 Plymouth Volare
86 Hyndai Exel
93 Honda CIvic HB
96 Civic Sedan
96 Mazda 626
98 VW Passat
?? Volvo 240 Wagon
89? Isuzu Trooper
85 Toyota 4Runner (tan)
02 Mazda Protege5
88 Range Rover Classic
89 TLC FJ62
85 Toyota 4Runner (red)
05 Mazda6 Wagon
74 TLC FJ55
08 Honda Accord
80 toyota pu (paid $1 DD it for a year, got broadsided got $1000 for it frame finally cracked in half and I bought the 78 fj40)
74 fj40 (paid $250 parts rig put top and door osn my 78' and engine in the 72. was rolled during the drive home so top was detroyed)
72 fj40 Bought for $750 no engine top wen tto 78 engine from 72 (350) went into it and then it was sold.
78 fj40 (paid $750 DD for 9 years sold for $5000)
89 fj62 paid 500 fixed some issues then sold for $4000
88 fj62 paid $8000 been DD for 6 years
64 fj45lv paid to much it is costing me too much and i love ever second of it. it should be on the road..... soon
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Come on John. There must be more than that
Come on John. There must be more than that

He probably isn't counting ones that he already had sold even before he paid the previous owner. Hence he never owned them. ;)
85 ford ranger nice high school beater
98 dodge ram drove that threw college what a POS
95 4runner was not to happy with it
88 4runner still have it runs like a champ
98-t100 great truck still have it and have never had to to a thing to it
a 80 series LC will be my next truck
OK, in order...
1980 VW Rabbit $200, about a year
1982 VW rabbit $ free, donor for above
1984 Subaru 4X4 Turbo wagon, $2200, ruined it on the sand dunes on Saquish. 2 years
1975 Jeep CJ5 $600, one summer
1985 Saab 900 Turbo, $600, 3 months
1991 Mustang LX 5.0 $10,252, 6 years
1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee LTD, $10K, 2 years
1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee LTD, $17K, 2 years
2004 VW Touareg $35K, 3 years
1986 Jeep CJ7 Renegade $400, 3 months
1971 Toyota FJ40 $6,500, currently have this one
2006 Infiniti FX35 $49K, currently have this one too.
Oh Man this one got me thinking...brought back some memories and a smile or two...

no particular order:

72 buick skylark ($200.00 first car I owned)
74 skylark(rocket 350) (400.00 bought it on a whim in the 80' was fun, gave it to my sister as I had 3 cars at the time..doh!)
74 amc hornet(FREEBIE...grandfather's ride he gave to me...put the old style army tires on the rear, this car went off road very frequently)
74 ford f250(freebie was being throw out so to speak, drove it for 4 years)
66 mustang coupe(2k, bought in tech school from a buddy, regretfully sold under a year later to continue in school...:(
71 jeep cj5(500.00 bought as an unfinished project to get out of someone garage... buick v6, glass body, traded it for the phazer)
82 bmw 323i(german import)(2500.00 I took it on the chin with this one...had a blown head gasket that I didn't know about...and internet wasn't really moving a lot yet so parts were not very possible...
72 bmw 2002ti(100.00 rot bucket but fun ride for a year)
78 ford bronco(bought in college, 800.00 maybe can't remember, had a 390 in it...tough to use as a dd $$$, so sold it)
78 toyota corolla liftback(bronco's replacement, best 100.00 I ever spent, drove this thing for 150k miles over 6 years...drove it to the scrap yard when the body started to break in half near the non-existant a pilliars... started my toyota kick)
87 celica gts(wife's ride...zoom zoom)
94 camary( tradeing in, its what they were giving her on trade in...still have it)
89 hillux 4x4(first stealership buy from the one I worked at, bought in 92 for 6500.00 with 36k on it...just sold it to be parted out..frame rot 300k or better on it)
90 hilux 4x2(don't remember, had it for a short time and didn't like the lack of 4wd..)
92 honda civic(500.00)
02 dodge durango( dealership buy...year old when bought...don't want to remember how much....)
90 pontiac bonneville(1k, relative sold it)
04 4runner Wife's ride $22k
79 HJ45 Trooper from one of John's many Aussie imports...

72 sportster(3200, shovester engine, still have it)
86 yamaha phazer(trade the jeep for it)
75(?) honda enduro(first on-road bike I had in highschool)
several dirt bikes/atv's over the years as well

That about covers it...more than I really thought I had owned over the years but I have always had a few in the fold at a time. Still no competition for John's 30ish cruisers....:)
70' Pontiac Tempest ($300, 1yrs service, sold for $300)
75' Old's Delta 88 (free from pop's)
78' Chevy Malibu ($300, junked after 2yrs service)
83' Ford LTD (ex cop cruiser) ($300, beat on for 2 yrs sold for $300)
70' Coupe De Ville ($1200 sold for $2400 3mos later)
84' Eldorado ($2200, best car ever till Alum block motor threw a rod).
95' Subaru Wgn ($13k, still going at 170k)
85' Subaru Wgn ($2k, hit a deer, ran for a month after sprucing it up)
75' Pontiac Gran Prix ($300, lasted 2weeks of fun)
84' 4Runner ($400, still going)
77' Fj40 (?? going strong)
80' Jeep J-20 Dump ($1100, newbie)
I thought I had ADD...... :rolleyes:
I did note the 30 something cruisers I've owned. I've titled all of them so technically I did own them. Please don't make me try to remember them all.

adjusted notes on first post
I did note the 30 something cruisers I've owned. I've titled all of them so technically I did own them. Please don't make me try to remember them all.

adjusted notes on first post

That is when you know you have a problem...When you cant remember them all.

I know I left a few off my list.

But I did have the biggest boat so far listed!
69 Buick Electra (430 4bbl) Paid $100 for it. Smoothest running vehicle I've ever owned.

78 Chevy Monte Carlo Don't remember what I paid for it. Vette rims, not a bad looking car.

78 Dodge L'il Red Express Truck (HiPo 460). Paid about $2400 for it. Loved the chrome stacks. This thing would lite up the huge Eagle St's every time. It was a screamer for a pick-up truck.

Some mid 80's Chevy (can't remember the name).

74 FJ40 Land Cruiser. Traded the forgetable chevy and about $800. It was painted camo when I got it. Chevy 350 conversion already done. Did all the body work and painted it gloss white with gloss black trim. Came out nice. Still kick myself for selling it. Yep, we drove off from our wedding in it.

87-88 Volvo 240 Owned by a fireman who must have spent all his free time detailing it. Imaculate.

93-94 Jeep Cherokee Sport. It was what it was. Not bad off-road. No comparison the the 40 imo.

Saab 900 Turbo SPG. A fast vehicle when the turbo wound up. Great for ripping down curvy roads.

Honda CRX. Bought it for my wife.

97 Dodge Intrepid (Wife made me do it...good thing we bought the extended warranty. Made our money back in spades)

98 Volvo V70. Wife's car again.

2000 Volvo S70

86 FJ60 Landcruiser. Another fireman's rig. Man they take good care of thier vehicles.

Winter Beaters (When the L'il Red Truck was stored for the winter)
Gold Duster (paid $150)
Ford LTD (paid $200)

Honda CB900 Custom

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Keep in mind that I started driving in 1977. Here goes:

* 1963 Pontiac Catalina - first car, parents gave to me since they couldn't get a dime for it on trade-in. Loved that car, gigantic boat that it was. Sold when I was in college for $150.
* 1972 Chevy Nova - mostly my Dad's, but I drove it a lot. He bought it new, totally stripped, not even a cigarette lighter in it. Dunno what became of it.
* 1974 Chevy Nova - co-bought with my brother when my Pontiac had to go. Dunno what became of it.
* 1976 Plymouth Valiant - actually my Mom's car. Got totalled by a drunk driver in 1982.
* 1972 Plymouth Gran Fury - bought my sr year of college, I think it was $700. Learned to hate it. Sold it after a year for $500, glad to get rid of it.
* 1981 Honda Accord - first brand new car I bought. Great car. Only had 9,000 miles in it when I traded it for...
* 1984 VW Rabbit GTI - also bought brand new, actually without ever even seeing one. Had to have it. Blast to drive, but it was a total piece of crap. Traded it on the Mazda.
* 1978 Ford LTD - company car at Halliburton. Would regularly peg the 85 mph speedo. Drove it till a tractor trailer ran over it.
* 1978 VW 412 wagon - bought for $400 on my VISA card. Quirky car, loved driving it. Sold it for $500 a year later.
* 1982 Chevy Caprice - basic boring company Halliburton car
* 1984 Chevy Caprice - same
* 1986 Mazda 626 - last car I ever bought new. Good car (not great), we put 100K hard miles on it then it got stolen in '93.
* 1985 Ford Bronco - last company car at Halliburton. Not much better in the mud than the Caprice.
* 1983 Toyota 2WD pickup - bought as a second car when we first moved to NH in '86. I think I paid $1800 for it. Drove it 6 weeks, wrapped it around a tree during the first snowstorm that Fall. Got me hooked on Toyotas.
* 1985 Toyota 2WD pickup - bought to replace the earlier one, ~$2500 I think. Great truck, drove it a lot of miles. Sold it ($1500) in '90 to buy...
* 1985 Toyota 4Runner - bought off dealer lot, 99K miles on it, paid $3900. Loved it, but it sucked dealing with the kids in the back seat. Too cramped for a family. Traded in '95 for...
* 1992 Toyota 4Runner - bought from Woburn Motors w/55K on it. Sold in '00 for $9500 w/200K on it, to get the FJ62. Still see it occasionally, it's up to about 250K miles now.
* 1988 Toyota Camry - bought for $4000 to replace the Mazda. Wife beat the crap out of that car but it kept going. Finally sold it in '98 ($750) to get...
* 1996 Toyota Corolla - bought from Woburn Motors. Amazing car, incredibly reliable. Son totalled it in '03 w/138K on it.
* 1984 Toyota xcab 4WD pickup - bought in '99 for $2800 with plow. Sold plow to Bud. Re-furbed it and wheeled it hard. Had to part out in '02, couldn't patch the frame anymore. Still using some of the parts.
* 1988 Toyota Land Cruiser - bought in '00 from Eddie SantaCruz (A&M Motors) for $11K. Spent the next 4 years fixing all the stuff he screwed up, occasionally drove it. Sucked gas like a drunken sailer. Sold to Pete for $9500 in '04.
* 1994 Toyota xcab 4WD pickup - bought in Denver CO in '03, $6500. Ex-wife is still driving it, over 230K on it. Runs perfect.
* 1989 Toyota 4Runner - bought for son Steve to replace the Corolla he totalled, paid $1200. He beat the living crap out of that truck, like a rented mule. Finally parted it out a few weeks ago, still got the engine a bunch of other crap.
* 1987 Toyota xcab 4WD pickup - bought in '02 for (gulp) $5000. 230K on it now, runs great. Rust demon is starting to nip at it's heels.
* 1998 Lexus ES300 - bought in '04 to replace the FJ62, for $14K. Best car I've ever owned, just turned over 100K last fall.
* 1992 Toyota Corolla (pair of them) - got them both for FREE. Built one good one, junked the other. Gave it to my son, still driving it with 200K on it.
* 2004 Toyota Highlander V6 AWD - bought last summer to replace my fiance's dying '90 Volvo. It's been good so far. Kinda boring, needs a better stereo.

Forgot about the bikes:

* Early 70's Honda 175 - friend gave to me for my sr year of college (80-81). Gave it back when I graduated.
* 1975 (I think) Honda CB400-4 - bought in 1983? for $700? Great bike. Moved it to Ohio with us in '84. Traded it for...
* 1982 Honda GL500 "SilverWing" - basically a mini-GoldWing. Bought new, but it had been in a crate unassembled for 3 years. Don't remember what I paid for it. Took it on several road trips, loved it. Sold in early '86 to get...
* 1985 Honda 500 Interceptor - also new but old stock. Drove it like an idiot, I had to get rid of it in '87 before I killed myself.
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48 Chevy beater
52 Dodge pickup beater
68 Chevy Biscayne
68 Roadrunner
68 Chevy c10 shortbed
66 VW microbus (that thing was fun)
74 Datsun 510
76 MGB
VW Baja Bug I built.
70 Malibu
78 Ford Currier
79 Toy PU Free!
93 Plymouth Voyager I really liked it.
85 Kawasaki Ninja 600
74 FJ40
81 Kawasaki KZ100
91 Toy PU
99 Ford Ranger (for sale)
85 4Runner
Updated from a 2005 Chat thead:

Starting around 1979 more or less in order:

69 Corona MkII
71 FJ40
65 Olds 98 - 425 Super Rocket!
67 Plymouth Belvedere - 440!
68 Ford 428 Torino GT Fastback - w/ a 351 in it :mad:
71 Audi Super 90
73 Plymouth Duster (a few)
70 FJ40
74 FJ40
87 Dodge Colt
90 Dodge Colt (My first new car!)
91 4WD XC Toyota Mini
86 4Runner
78 Spitfire
92 Geo Metro (Honest 50 mpg, 40 if driven hard)
78 CJ7
85 Bronco
90 Ramcharger
94 4runner
95 Plymouth Voyager (20,000 miles tranny grenaded - responsible for return to Cruisers)
95 FZJ80
88 K30 w/ 10' Utility Body
86 C30 Mason Dump
60 FJ25 x3 *
71 FJ40
87 4Runner
86 4Runner
32 Chevy Doodlebug*
00 UZJ100
86 2WD Toyota Mini
03 Silverado*
02 UZJ100*
* Still Have These

Of course this doesn't include about eight FJ40's and four FJ25's, miscellaneous other Cruisers or the Stout that was just passing through.......or the stuff just bought and sold to make a buck (flipper :flipoff2:). Glad I've slowed down. :eek:

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