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Apr 18, 2015
Greensboro, NC
Most of this information is also on the website

Carolina Relic Run 2021
April 6-10th, 2022
Riverbend (aka Shadowlands) Campground
200-216 Mullinex rd
Troy, NC

Registration now open: EARLY BIRD WILL END MARCH 1st !!!!

The Carolina Relic Run is in it's 7th year and was conceived and created to gather and admire vintage Toyota Land Cruisers, AKA "Relics".

With a weekend of picturesque North Carolina Mountain camping, Uwharrie trail riding, great food, live bluegrass music, raffle prizes, a relic car show, and a family friendly atmosphere you'll be sure to have a great time! We invite owners of all Toyota 4 Wheel Drive vehicles of any year to be part of the weekend of fun. For the owners of relics, there will be a relic specific car show and varying difficulty of group runs coordinated for like-minded drivers and their vehicles with build dates of 1990 and prior.

The event is organized by the Olde North State Cruisers, a not-for-profit chapter of the Toyota Land Cruiser Association (TLCA). Uwharrie National Forest is approximately 51,000 acres in size and offers outdoor activities including hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, fishing, swimming, boating and approximately 20 miles of trails designated for off-roading.

What to Expect if you go:
  • 4 nights of camping in a field or under trees your choice (no hookups - limited hot showers) - don't feel the need to show up early, but space is limited.
  • 5 days of Uwharrie Forest off-roading access ($5 per day/vehicle (not per person) fee payable at the Outpost to ride the trails - annual pass is also available)
  • Bring food. (grocery store is 30 mins - Outpost Grill is close by but limited in selection)
  • Friday night pot-luck dinner - please consider contributing and regardless of that, dig in! - Prize for best tasting dish
  • Friday night Live Bluegrass Music from our talented friends: Hotwax and the Splinters
  • "Relic" Car Show with Trophies Saturday afternoon
  • Costume Competition : dress like the build date of your Cruiser - open to all model years and participants (Kids prize for costume competition, too!)
  • Table Raffle with Incredible Prizes - (Buy bulk ticket packs in advance or pay full price at the event)
  • Driver Raffle Prize - BIG PRIZE TBD
  • Saturday Night Carolina BBQ feast provided by the club
  • Southern-Style family and dog friendly environment
  • Swag and a welcome pack - with a free shirt and option to buy more.
Below please find the draft schedule of events (subject to change). Please PM me with suggested revisions and additions.

Events & Activities:

(day 1 and 2 have no official activities planned, the official events begin on Friday night with the potluck/live music)
Wednesday, April 6th

Camp opens for Early Bird Campers at 3pm - Check in at the registration tent or with a ONSC BOD member before setting up
Please set up in areas shown on the map. If you're unclear, please ask before setting up. We don't want to have to ask anyone to move.
Games: cornhole/kickball/ladder toss - Feel free to bring your toys! (RC Cars/Trucks/Drones, Kids Ride Ons, Games, etc)
Observe Quiet Hours based on your map location

Thursday, April 7th
Continued setup - Vehicle inspections will begin as volunteers become available.
Observe Quiet Hours based on your map location

Friday, April 8th
Vehicle Inspection and Check-In continue as staff/volunteers become available.
Trail riders of all Toyota 4x4s will be matched by difficulty and leave camp on an ad hock basis all day long. Trail leaders needed!

  • Some limited outlets for crock pots will be available
  • Please consider cooking campfire style food to bring
  • Winner will be announced after the music
  • NC natives with their blend of fast picking bluegrass
  • Dancing and hootin/hollerin is encouraged!
Nighttime trail rides are always an option - please be responsible and safe.
Observe Quiet Hours based on your map location

Saturday, April 10th
9 am - Remaining Vehicle Inspections/Check-in/Line-up (volunteers and trail leaders needed!)
- Vehicles should line up and group by model year and difficulty - non relics will also congregate in groups and hit the trails.
9 am – 10:30 am – Groups begin to leave camp - Pack your lunch and hit the trails. - Your route, difficulty and path are all up to the leader of your group. Want to be a trail or road trip leader? Volunteers needed!
We'll send out groups of trucks in waves starting at 9 am ish.

Lunch - you are on your own. The Outpost makes great greasy gas station style food and is close by. Or pack a lunch to bring and eat on the trails

4 pm – RELIC CAR SHOW All Relic trucks MUST be lined up in the field at Riverbend and remain "on show" for for the rest of the evening. A small team of judges will review the lineup and winners will be announced after the raffle. Please fill out your provided information ticket (CAR SHOW INFO) and pass to the registration desk. A number will be assigned to your truck - for use in the "fan favorite" voting. Please prominently display this number on your vehicle to help with voting. If your vehicle has particular non-obvious type things you want to showcase, please consider making a card for your windshield that outlines these details for the judges. This will help!


Current list of prizes:
  1. Oldest Relic
  2. Iron Butt Award (furthest driven to the event in their Land Cruiser)
  3. Longest Continuous Ownership
  4. Best Patina
  5. Best Original
  6. Best Modified
  7. Best "Dress Like your Cruiser" Costume - Adult *
  8. Best "Dress Like your Cruiser" Costume - Kids (17 and younger) *
  9. Fan Favorite *
  10. Best in Show
* voted on by the event participants - not the judges


7 pm – Dinner catered by Texalina BBQ - Adults will enjoy a buffet meal of slow smoked chopped pork BBQ or smoked chicken. Our caterer prides themselves in their homemade BBQ sauces and flavors include: Sweet Apple Bourbon, Redline Vinegar, Four Pepper Hot and Possum Venom. Children will enjoy a meal of chicken tenders and mac-n-cheese. For dessert, everyone will enjoy cobbler. Choose from ice tea, lemonade and water to drink.

~~TABLE RAFFLE CLOSES AT 7:30PM - last chance to choose your prizes!~~

8 PM - Dress Like Your Cruiser Contest
  • Dress in attire that is period correct for the year that your Toyota Truck was made
  • Open to all years
  • Kids are encouraged to participate (separate prize will be given for the winning under 17 participant)
  • Crowd enthusiasm determines the winners
8:30 PM - Raffle Drawing
  • Driver Raffle: TBD (1 ticket is given to each registered driver)
  • Remaining items will be in a Table Style Raffle
    • Take your general raffle ticket(s) and keep one of the two halves somewhere safe
    • A table will be set up by Registration with amazing prizes, or photographs of them with envelopes
    • Choose which fantastic prize(s) you'd like to win and put the 'other' half of your ticket(s) into it
    • No need to write your name on it - just keep the half with your numbers on it and bring it to the drawing
10:00 PM ish... Campfire, tall tales and great friends!
Observe Quiet Hours based on your map location
Midnight - Music and all campfire chatter must be kept to a minimum

Sunday, April 10th

No official activities are planned.
Feel free to ride the trails and leave when you're ready. Please clean up after yourself and consider packing your trash out with you.
Riverbend will remain open until late afternoon for your lazy checkout needs...We hope you had a great time, made some new friends and some lasting memories!


map copy.png

Campsite Details:

From HWY 109 you will turn onto Mullinex road. Follow approx 0.5 miles and make a left up a gravel entrance (we'll have a sign out). Riverbend sits on 51 acres, some wooded and some wide open. There is a covered pavilion on location that has bathrooms and showers. As you pull in to the right of the pavilion you will find the wooded section prime for tent camping. Trailers, campers and RV's have full access to the fields but please park any empty trailers where indicated. On the map you will see a blue oval.

This year we have a "QUIET CAMPING" area. Strategically placed on the other side of a small hill, this should allow those of you with light sleeping or younger kids a spot that's away from the potential late night noise. Which is a nice segway into this:

Family Friendly:
Like all other Olde North State Cruisers events, this one is also open to your entire family, including children and dogs. Please be thoughtful, courteous and cautious and leave at home any member of the family that might not be well socialized or be otherwise unpredictable at a gathering of this type.

Kids 17 and under are always FREE to attend. Please let us know the number you are bringing so we can plan ahead.


Driver Registration (Relics or Non Relics - you Drive up and stay the weekend you're a driver)

  • Includes Event Fee
  • Access to Campsites for full weekend
  • Saturday Night Dinner and Raffle
  • 1 Ticket for the Driver Raffle
  • Online bulk pack raffle purchases (optional)
  • Event Decal
  • Event T-shirt
Cost - $80 (Early Bird Rate: $60)

Passenger Registration - Please register every member of your party that didn't drive their own vehicle to the event and is above the age of 17 as a passenger
  • Access to Campsites
  • Saturday Night Dinner and Raffle
  • Buy them their own event shirt during checkout for another $15
Cost - $15 (No early bird discounts)

Kids under 17 are free - but please tell us how many will be there so we can plan accordingly.

Can't make it the whole time but want to be part of the event? A day pass may work better for you:

Day Pass (Relics or Non Relics)
  • Includes Event Fee
  • Access to Campsites for Saturday night only
  • You miss the Pot Luck Dinner (Friday only)
  • Saturday Night Dinner and Raffle
  • NO Driver Raffle Ticket
  • Online bulk pack raffle purchases
  • No Shirt
Cost - $30 (No early bird discount) - same price for passengers ($15)

Can't be part of the event but want to show up and say hi? A walkup pass may work better for you:

  • Can't stay the night and camp.
  • Not part of the 'run' or 'relic car show' regardless of how cool your relic is, sorry
  • No food
  • No Shirt, Sticker, or Badge
  • No Driver Raffle Ticket
  • You can buy $5 general raffle tickets - full price at the event

Each Registered Driver will receive 1 Driver raffle ticket.

Regular Raffle Tickets will be $5 each, or $20 for 5 tickets, or $100 for 30 tickets
BULK TICKET PACKS ARE AVAILABLE DURING CHECKOUT ONLY IN ADVANCE OF THE EVENT. Because of the style of the raffle it is strongly suggested to purchase multiple tickets.

We're currently reaching out to sponsors and will update this post periodically as we receive commitments.

ONSC is proud to have the following sponsors as confirmed partners for the Carolina Relic Run 2022:


BFGoodrich (1 set of your choice of KO2's or KM3's up to 37")

Warn - 8274 winch and recovery kit



Overland Metric

Napier Outdoors
Metal Tech 4x4
Proffit's / Resurrection Land Cruisers

TBD sponsors:
Apex Overland

Want to be a sponsor? Send me a note:

More important details... See something we missed? Ask and we will add it here:
  • To participate in official event trail rides, vehicles must pass ONSC Vehicle Inspection Requirements which can be found HERE
  • Registration for the event does not included the daily OHV Trail Passes, which can be purchased at the Eldorado Outpost at a cost of $5 per day. You can grab a paper map of the OHV trail system while you’re there or ask us at the ONSC registration desk for a laminated past event map of the trails.
  • Non Relics FAQs
    • Wah, wah, wah...?
      • Yes we know.... You hate that your truck is just barely not a relic there are support groups available
      • Yes, you're right it's completely arbitrary
      • There are no plans to change it
    • I don't have a relic, should I still go?
      • MANY of our members do not have relics and choose to attend year after year...Why?
      • First, it's a great location, great people, trails and great fun
      • Only a portion of the event is limited to relic participation - and your participation judging those relics is needed!
      • All other events are non relic specific:
        • Costume competition for you and the kids (all years included - got a truck built in 1996? you can find something in your closet that will work)
        • Raffle/Food/Fun/Trails/Camping
Please send me a note if you have any updates or changes. We will update as needed.
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Sorry I accidentally put April 1 instead of March 1 as the early bird cut off, what a fool :) just corrected it, register now to guarantee your shirt and all the other swag and food and fun
I'm coming but will be "working" remotely on Wednesday/Thursday. What is cell coverage like at the campground?
So, Just reading/lurking on your club communications discussion. What is the "official" communication frequency band for the Relic Run? An appropriate answer of "Dunno yet" is ok also. Once you all make a decision I will insure our attendees have coverage in the requested frequency. Or at least a few of us do. Most have Ham radios in their truck and/or portables but if GMRS, FRS, CB or whatever is preferred I will need to get one of our techies to reprogram a bunch of portables. No hurry, just wanting to start prepping.
That communication thread is up to 4 pages right now. Hopefully this will be worked out by then but I think it's fair to say still working on that.

My thought would be have the standard GMRS channels ready to go and you'll be good. (no privacy codes/tones set or know how to turn them on/off)

There might be more info coming about possibly using CLCC GMRS channels or repeater and which simplex ham frequency for licensed people to use along with GMRS.
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Registered, and crossing my fingers…. @Trollhole - we have a deadline ! I’m not interested in buying raffle tix for @dbenke !
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You can buy them for me! He won’t be able to make it anyway, unfortunately! He’ll be on the Appalachian Trail then! Just kidding! I hope you can make it!!
CCOT is the only one I haven’t purchased from yet. Challenge accepted.
registered 2 drivers and 3 passengers between the 2 drivers. One thing i noticed is there was not a way to add multiple packets of 30 raffle tickets. Just one packet of 30 tickets.
registered 2 drivers and 3 passengers between the 2 drivers. One thing i noticed is there was not a way to add multiple packets of 30 raffle tickets. Just one packet of 30 tickets.

Can always check out again to get another packet of 30!
Might do that if I don't register yet another truck

Question: are off the ground firepits (Biolite, etc.) allowed at the individual campsites?

Question: are off the ground firepits (Biolite, etc.) allowed at the individual campsites?
Pretty much ,I take the solo

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