Carb issues

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May 1, 2008
I have a 71 cruiser, stock motor, spring over with 35" tires. The carb has seen its better days. I have checked around town general idea has been that a rebuild is not that good of an idea. I need to know my options. the cruiser is off road most of the time with very little street use. I have been told about a 4 barrel adapter plate to a stock 2 barrel intake. 2 barrel, 4 barrel, TBI? Help...
What carb does it have?
I went with a non-USA carb from SOR (I think).

Here's a linky to what mine is. SOR The Sep 69 thru Dec 74 models is about half way down on the page.

It's been fine and I'd definitely buy another if I couldn't rebuild.
Agree with FastEddy. The consensus is Jim and Mark are the best. TBI is awesome if you feel like fooling with it. :)
And if you are not interested in a rebuilt factory carburetor, some other choices are:
(a) A Weber conversion---we don't offer.
(b) A Holley conversion---we do offer.
(c) A Fuel Injection conversion---we do offer.
The big question though is "do you have to be smog legal"???
For what it's worth I just installed a Weber 32/36 on my 71 on Wednesday and took it for a test drive yesterday. I can't tell you how happy I am with it, but I really don't plan on any heavy offroading. There you have my .02, good luck with with getting her running good.
I rebuilt my stock carb when I had the head off and it runs awesome now.....easy to rebuild, as well.
From what I understand the stock carb is well made and performs well on the trails. I have rebuilt two of them and would do it again if I had to, a rebuild kit is about $35.00 (get the keyster kit from cruiser outfitters) that, a FSM and a lot of carb cleaner will do you well. I am getting 11-12mpg on my stock carb and don't have to keep Fing with it.

Good Luck!


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