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May 6, 2009
Arizona - PHX area
Howdy, I could use some help identifying this carburetor. It came on my 82FJ 45 from Saudi Arabia, and I’ve crawled all over it and cannot see any identifying marks.

I am aware of two performance issues but there may be more. Number one is the choke cam continues to lock in the closed position (full choke)
and the second is nothing is actuating the secondary valve body on full acceleration

I’m not sure if I want to try and salvage this one with a rebuild kit or replace it. Thanks so much
I think I identified the existing carb on the vehicle, and based on the quality of its performance and this visual reference it’s got to be one of those low cost CCP knock offs.
I’m chasing roughidal lack of power and rich burning condition driven by vacuum leaks and narrowed it down to the shaft outputs for both primary and secondary throttles.

I did notice the intake manifold was leaking so I replaced that with the factory gasket and that seems to have solved the problem, could not affect RPMs at idle with carb cleaner. I also have an issue with the brake booster so I kept that off during this test,

I’m not going to spend a minute trying to repair that cheap carb so the options before me are:

1. City racer Japan made after market $300
2. A true new in box Toyota carb from Amayama $900
3. A rebuilt factory carb from a mud vendor ($?)

Any thoughts?

Depends on how many vacuum ports, lines and actuating components you want to keep.

City racer has only one vacuum port and stock USA has seven which assist with the HAC, HIC, choke breaker and more.

If you want to keep or add any of these vacuum actuated components then rebuilt or new stock carb is the way to go.

If not and you want to keep it simple and your just going to cap the ports get the City Racer, there's no point in paying more the double.
I pulled the trigger and ordered the new OEM carb from Amayama in the UAE ( hope they have one.....).
Given the nature of this build I think it was the right thing to do. Looks like Ill be eating beans and weinies for a while.....:p
Project update,

the OEM carburetor was not available after all so I ordered a City racer Japan built carb. Put it on while she was up on jackstands getting some brake work figured out and got her to fire right away.

Today I finally had a chance to roll it out of the garage into a little bit and she purrs like a kitten vacuum is nice and steady, idol is smooth and on a short test drive it pulled great nothing but thumbs up for the City Racer carburetor case closed

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