TLCA CANCELLED! 2020 Rubithon Thursday Morning Breakfast Run.

Sep 20, 2004
It was a joke, but it never hurts to ask, I don't know if Bill has a phone, to fragile. He recently and it seems every year transported a load of cruisers, usually east to west. Have you tried the Mudship forum ?
Mar 17, 2006
Pacifica CA
Just in case you have not heard from the main Rubithon Thread........

I am very disappointed. I have not had much to look forward to this year (As a professional stage hand that works concerts and conventions and large events/gatherings of people I've been unemployed since March and have no job prospects lined up) That being said, I completely understand why Dick had to make this decision and support the difficult choice. Hopefully, I can meet some of you next year. Stay safe until then.

Hello everyone,

Earlier this year we elected to reschedule Rubithon for August in hopes that the Coronavirus pandemic and the related safety and health protocols might subside. Unfortunately, this has not been the case. As we issue this announcement, new restrictions are being announced by the Governor of California. We have spent a fair amount of time weighing various options and looking for ways to work within the guidelines provided by the State of California and the CDC for gatherings such as Rubithon. To be blunt, given the nature of our event and the logistics associated with putting on a successful Rubithon, the challenges of implementing an appropriate COVID 19 Preparedness Plan were formidable. There are mandatory event requirements that cannot be resolved in time for the event and are beyond our control.

So, it is with considerable sadness that we announce that this year’s Rubithon has been cancelled. We want to assure you this decision was not made lightly, nor in a vacuum. In the end, we determined we were could not adequately provide a safe and enjoyable time for everyone involved with Rubithon.

One consideration is that as we draw closer to the event, we begin to incur expenses that cannot be recovered (i.e. T-shirts, food, beverages, etc.). Another factor is to give everyone a chance to reschedule vacation or change travel arrangements for out of area participants.

Finally, we had to consider the continuity of the Toyota Land Cruiser Association’s Rubithon as a world famous, first-class, off-road event. With everything considered, we decided that it was appropriate to make this decision. We ultimately felt the decision made this year is preferable to risking the reputation, continuity, and success of future Rubithon events.

We will be reaching out to registered participants over the next 45 days to offer a refund or allow you to roll your registration over to next year. Refunds will be issued minus any TLCA memberships paid through your registration and 6% of the balance to offset event costs already incurred. If you elect to rollover your registration to next year, there will be no impact other than you will need to remember to renew your TLCA membership prior to the 2021 Rubithon. We are all in uncharted territory, so we kindly request you wait for us to contact you to regarding registration refunds or rollovers.

We will certainly miss seeing all our friends this year and hope you will all join us next year on the trail. The Rubicon Trail currently is open, so I am certain many of us will cross paths on the Rubicon this summer, maybe even in August!


Dick Thompson

Rubithon Chairman
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