Can someone make a measurement for me?

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You can get the whole set from Heart of texas offroad for next to nothing.
I measured down where the legs meet the metal. The top is distorted too much from the years of use to measure accurately but I suspect that it was 12 mm when new.
the guy i bought my cruiser off used thick flat 2 strand wire (with the plastic coating) to stop that rubbing, and my other cruiser doesn't have anything
I think I paid $12 for the set of 6 from heart of texas offroad. Give them a call on the toll free number and he can tell you how much the shipping will be. I know what you mean about shipping charges...SOR reams you a new one on shipping. Thats not the case with heart of texas offroad.
Just make them from a piece of rubber thick enough that it's hard to get through the slots. I made mine about a half inch wide and long enough to snake through all four slots. I have a friend who used some small diameter motorcycle fuel line. 2 bucks instead of 20 and no waiting for shipping.

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