Call for Board of Directors Volunteers!


Jan 4, 2012
Atlanta, GA
Greetings! Hope everyone had a great Turkey day holiday. This message is a call for candidates/volunteers for the Georgia Cruisers Board of Directors. As you're finishing up the leftovers from Thursday, consider helping the club by serving in one of the BOD roles: Secretary, Treasurer, Membership, TLCA Liaison, Vice President or President. Currently, Ted is serving as President, with various help from others. This is my last year as Membership and Treasurer, and it has been a fun and rewarding stint. Essentially any normal position is open. There are also non-position efforts that could use help, such as a GACRUISERS.COM webmaster or a Facebook-master.

Post up here if questions or interested, or contact Ted or myself directly.

As always, keep the wheels under you and the sky overhead! Thanks, RJ
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