For Sale [CA] Stock 97 LX450 70k No lockers

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United States
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I'll take your other 80 if you put that one up for sale ;)
you'll have to talk to my widow about that.. :flipoff2:

On a separate note - the truck just got back from the dealer who did a coolant drain and filll (they don't have a "flusher"). Since they forgot to mention that with my quote - they offered a discount to which I traded for a claybar and wax treatment. The LX looks great!
I seen this listed on craigslist the other day.
GL on the sale! Wish I had more cash, I would love to pick it up.
There was a lady in North County a couple months back selling hers for only around $6 or $7K and it only had like about 69k miles. I was the second person to call and she already had aa appointment for someone to see it and they ended up buying it. =(

I was cleaning out my garage and found these. I can't use them as I run synthetic everything in my LC. Also pictured are the running boards and the scrape / surface rust on it as well as the OEM sunroof visor.

EDIT - I have since mounted the sunroof visor.
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I am all talk. I need to cash out.

I am just glad you are not closer or I would do something stupid :D

Thanks for following up with me. You are one of the guys I would buy from long-distance no questions asked.
Baja... I am very interested in your LX... Please call me at 916-384-8825 to discuss.... I am in Nor Cal. I saw it on e-bay... but maybe we can make a deal... I made the opening bid.

Sent you a follow up e-mail.

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