SOLD CA: 2006 Lexus LX470

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Vehicle Model
  1. LX470
United States
Fellow mudders, behold the black beauty, aka Khaleesi, Queen of the desert (mall), sold and housed in beautiful sunny Southern California for its entire life (the only snow she saw was in Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear). Finished in magnificent Black Onyx over Ivory, we’ve travelled for tens of thousands of miles of interstate, visiting family and taking in the sights.

I’ve always wanted a Land Cruiser since I saw my first 60 series as kid, and was able to make that dream come true February 2017, when this beast showed up at my local Lexus dealer; original owner had every service done at Lexus dealerships, by the book. Under my ownership, I continued the tradition of quality work, alternating between the dealership for oil changes (convenient), or independent specialist for more involved work (so I could talk to the techs, be apprised of how things looked, etc). Always specified and used genuine Toyota goods (AHC fluid, pink coolant, brakes, bearings, filters, etc), or OEM parts (Aisin water pump, timing belt, thermostat, etc).

I’m very fortunate that my daily drivers to work are either a naturally aspirated 2 wheeler (bicycle) or a turbocharged 6 wheeler (bus), so the beast sleeps in the garage, anticipating weekends when she can let loose at her favorite watering hole (Costco gasoline in civilization or Loves travel stops in the country) and only drink top shelf (91+ octane)!

Stock, with a few tasteful and functional changes, consisting of:
—Yokohama Geolandar G015 in P275/60/18, including spare, maintaining OE size and comfort but giving me much more capability on fire roads and trails in national forests
—Ceramic tint, 70/35, keeping it cool inside
—Morimoto D2S 5.0 bixenons retrofit into brand new Lexus OEM headlamps assembled by our very own Lou Brown, which is by far the best money I’ve spent on this car.

No pets or kids (although my wife would say sometimes I behave like one...), so the interior is pristine. There is some wear on the driver’s side outside bolster, driver’s side arm rest, and a small tear on the back of the third row. No smokers, so the inside has no residual odors or stains.

On the exterior, there are some vertical scratches on driver’s side front bumper, when I didn’t back up enough into the garage and the closing door gouged it (“told you.”), and a bit of scuffed paint on the front bumper’s driver’s side edge. There are a couple of chips on the leading edge of the hood, the leading edge of the roof, and a chip on the passenger side windshield, all wounds from the interstate slogs. Underside of the runnings boards show some abrasion from desert trails, and the receptacle for tow lights has been knocked off its post.

The hood struts are weak, so use of a supplementary restraint system is advised, and the TPMS light is flashing—one of the sensors’ battery died. I check pressure before every road trip so I can assure you of no leaks in any of the tires.

Lastly, a post-modern pinstripe abstract was commissioned for the passenger side, from the front fender, across both doors, to the rear quarter panel, in Anza-Borrego State Park one dry summer: the technique involved the driver skirting some dry brush. Fortunately it doesn’t show up in most light (let alone the photos)—it’s the kind of artwork that’s best admired up-close and in-person.

AHC/AVS works fantastic, and everyone who’s ridden has complimented the smooth and plush ride: really makes for relaxed road trips. Fluid level change between L and H is over 9 gradations (in L mode, fluid is in the middle of the reservoir where there’s a seam and no markings, so can’t get an exact number). When I bought it, measured 11 gradations. AHC pressures measured 2 years ago were 6.9Mpa front (spec is 6.8-6.9), and 6.6Mpa rear (spec is 5.6-6.7).

All the windows roll up and down. The sunroof tilts, opens, and closes smoothly. The rear quarter vents open and close completely (but rattle if left open while driving on broken pavement).

Radio mast goes up and down, all of the Mark Levinson speakers work and sound great—no buzzing, or rattling. CD changer is my DJ of choice when there’s little or no radio signal in the middle of nowhere, and a tape adapter to headphone will supply tunes or podcasts from your preferred portable electronic device. As a bonus, GROM’s TOYNU3 kit that I bought will go to the new owner who can charge and stream media from his/her phone.

Center Differential Lock functions normally, engaging and disengaging without hesitation, and the transfer case lever moves smoothly and positively across H-N-L.

Touch screen cycles through all displays, no stuck pixels in sight. Navigation works if you need to find your way home and have no cell service.

Aux condenser fan kit from Land Cruiser Phil was purchased but never installed and will come with the car; A/C blows ice cold front and rear, but I can tell it’s less cold when idling in 100+ degree heat than it is when rolling. Also from LC Phil: bottle jack adapter, and rear mud flap delete/steel plates.

Other bonus materials include: Tow hitch, screw pin shackle, brand new ARB 17k snatch strap, bottle of AHC fluid, Toyota Pink coolant, 5w30 synthetic oil, and new Lexus wiper inserts for all three wipers (NWB frames).

Two master keys (including one made in March 2017) and valet key are included.

Possible issues for future owner include downstream 02 sensors—P0420 and P0430 cropped up yesterday. One of the mods I’ve meant to do but haven’t had time to, was wrap the fuel line as it comes down the firewall and runs adjacent to the driver’s side catalytic converter, since I’ve experienced hot fuel shutdown while wheeling (posts should be listed on my user profile).

Major services, from most recent:
208k: Front brake rotors, pads, shims, inner and outer bearings, stabilizer bar bushings, stabilizer bar end links (Toyota parts), oil change (5w30 synthetic) with Toyota filter
198k: Timing belt, water pump, belt tensioner, thermostat, radiator hoses, heater T’s, fan clutch bracket, crank seals, engine oil and filter, lube driveshafts and spiders (Aisin, Toyota pink, synthetic, Toyota filter)
187k: Starter (denso) and intake manifold gasket
186k: Front, center, rear diff oil change, front right axle seal
178k: Tires, AHC flush, torsion bars cranked to correct AHC pressure, alignment
176k: Fuel filter
175k: Duralast Gold 27F battery
172k: MAF/TB cleaned
170k: Driver door lock actuator replaced (Lexus)

Under my stewardship I've spent over $9,000 in service (and as much in gasoline yikes), and full service history from day 0/mile 0 to date, and fuel log, is included in the link below. Look at those glorious MPG numbers and tell me you aren’t jealous!

Used oil analysis with a 6k interval on conventional oil, followed by a 10k on M1 synthetic indicates motor is in great shape.

My time with my baby has come to end; there’s no single reason, but a mix of factors:
—I don’t have the skills to DIY, and have always paid proper shop rates for experienced techs. With added miles, this will only increase (see service log for current spending)
—Can’t justify having two cars in the garage when we only need 1
—While both my wife and I are fortunate enough to still have a job, we’re looking at pay cuts come fall

Lots of photos showing interior and exterior. Videos include a dash cam of a drive around neighborhood (rattling because it’s loose on the GPS receiver), a cold start and drive over camera, warm start from driver’s seat showing gauges, and a warm idle under hood (before it was detailed).

Did I mention no collisions (they aren’t accidents), matching VIN stickers on every panel, and Lexus glass everywhere?

Happy to answer any questions, take specific photos, or have you or your friend come see it in person. I’ve tried to represent all the positives, and just as importantly, the negatives. I’ve learned much from this community and would love for it to go to another mudder. Priced fairly (no BaT delusions here), and asking $16,500, with a clear title in my name.

VIN JTJHT00W464006302

Updated 8/14/20 to indicate pending downstream 02 sensor codes got stored and CEL is on for that reason.

Updated 8/23/20 to remove access to Google Drive link.
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Added screen photos of service records from RPM garage (most of the work), PDF of most recent brakes, bearings, bushings job from SSA, and full lexus driver's service printout.

Additionally, 2 videos driving at night the exact same stretch of road, with OEM headlamps (running the best incandescent bulbs you can buy, Philips Xtreme Vision Plus 50) and the Morimoto D2S HID retrofits.

Last but not least, people keep asking about the pinstriping--it's really hard to see in photos, but you can see it in real life under the right light. I tried to get a few photos and videos showing the side (the specs are dust).
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Sale pending 8/23/20 when mudder will take delivery, will mark as sold at that time, or update if status changed.
Thank you @iddibhai :beer:
A+ seller -- honest, patient, transparent, and great to work with!
Very proud to take ownership of this LC 100 and add it to my stable. It's going to be the perfect adventure companion to my RAM Power Wagon. It'll be seeing miles of trails and highway across the US.

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