Buying new keyless entry

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Mar 31, 2019
Charleston, SC
Looking to get a 2000 LC and the owner has the master key but no keyless entry. I've read a few things here and there about replacing, either going through toyota $$$ or the few random websites that I can't get a clear answer if it has worked or not. Can anyone suggest the best route to go here?
If you have at least one master key, fob or not, I think you're all good. You've got lots of options at all price points. Programming is tedious, but easy.

1. You can buy brand new from the dealer. Should cost somewhere between $175 and $300. Prices vary wildly.
2. You can buy a used one from ebay. Probably $50-100. I recommend looking for just the electronic remote - don't pay extra for a used or non-genuine key/key case.
3. You can buy no name aftermarket ones off ebay/Amazon.

If you go option 3, plan on the case being terrible. Some are ok, some literally break on the first turn. It's batch dependent and it's just a gamble.

I bought two keys using option 3 (re-used my electronics, just needed the cases) and they both failed quickly. That led me to make the YotaMD shell you'll see on here.

Good luck!

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