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Jun 27, 2010
Fort Worth, Texas
Finally got the output shaft hears pressed off today and it is ugly. Not sure how it happened but both big bearings took a dump as well as the needle bearing in the end of the shaft itself. Getting the low gear off was not problem since it was wallowed out big time and just slid off. Here's the pics:

Teeth on the shaft are toasted:

Bushing in the high gear is toasted too:

And the low gear is no better.

So, looks like I at least need a new shaft and high and low gears. Probably need the little shaft that goes to the hub for the front diff. After the little needles bearing went out in the end of the output shaft it tore up the end of the little shaft.

Priced new parts from my dealer. 180 for the shaft, 43? for the low gear and 300 for the high gear. I get 25% off so that would take a little sting out.

Looked on SOR and they have these parts listed used. Would it be worth looking into used? Try to find a used transfer case? I was hoping the truck wouldn't need much but oh well, s*** happens.
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May 27, 2006
Dundee, Oregon
I had similar issues with my transfer case and bought used parts from SOR. I have had many many miles on the truck and multiple big wheeling trips and have had no issues at all. Totally worth it to buy used. Also may want to check the for sale forum for a complete transfer case. I also bought a complete rebuild kit from SOR and have been happy with that as well.



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Mar 14, 2003
i assume there was very little oil left in the case when it finally went out, correct?!

thanks for the pm. i do have complete cases but should have parts to fix yours as well. hit me back with a complete parts list and tooth count o nthe gears, i'll see what i can do.


georg @ valley hybrids
Nov 26, 2004
I would definitely buy the individual parts from someone like George, or buy a used case and rebuilt it- that's what I'm doing and taking my sweet time at it!

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