bump stops

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May 20, 2009
sydney australia
after having a soa and a shackle reversal done how long do the bump stop have to be.... because my bushings got crushed at the front end and spit out and i don't know why.... is it to much flex upwards ?
I'm not SOA but I set my bump stops by compressing my shock all the way (with the bottom loose) & measured to the shock pin, subtract the distance from pin to top of axle where it would contact stop (added 1" to this measurement) & set my stop at that height. That way at full stuff, I still have 1" before shock bottoms. This also allows for bumpstop compression. Hope this makes sense
thanks mate... will start there... what do u think would be the reason the bushings got so damage on the front end of the springs...cheers
My guess would be spring twisted too much do to flex. If one wheel is at full stuff & the other is at full droop on the same axle, that puts quite a bit of twist on a leaf spring.
Are you using a good quality poly bushing?
thats what my mate said today also... to much down flex ....... the red nolathane bushings i used my buddy said might be to hard and said to go back to the rubber ones and try that ...does that sound about right...and is nolathane the same as poly....

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