Bump stop/Reverse arch Question

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Mar 28, 2006
Basalt, Co
My SOA is getting close, I am just putting together the last few details before I go over it all again to make sure it is road worthy.

I am hoping to get some thoughts on bump stops. I have not figured my shock lenghts yet because I haven't had a chance to fully extend/flex everything yet, but I am working on bump stops. As it sits, my springs front and rear are totaly flat. Any up travel will result in reverse flexed springs. How much is OK? I have 4" bump stop extensions, installed they leave about 2-3 inches before initial contact with the stock rubber bump stop. Right now I am only running 33" tires so tire contact is not an issue. Should I go shorter on the extensions? What should I use to determin the right length? Will the available shocks ultamitely determine the lenght, or will how much the springs reverse flex before being damaged determin the lenght?

I am not a serious rock crawler at this point. I just want to end up with functional travel that will be durable too.

Here are a couple pics, I hope to finish it up next week:)
They are not uploading, I will try again later:doh:
once everything is in place jack up one tire till it hits your inner fender or wherever on the body then measure the distance from frame to leaf and add an inch and you are good to go.

So I shouldn't worry about it. I will work on it and see where I get.
Front SOA.jpg

Driver SOA.jpg

Side SOA.jpg
Front SOA.jpg
Driver SOA.jpg
Side SOA.jpg

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