BTB suspension

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Nov 6, 2002
Pullman, WA
A friend of mine was telling me that the BTB 4" springs were about the best on the market, anyody else heard anything about these. He worked at Man-a-fre for about 4 years as a mech, and said their springs were worse than crap.
I would like an answer too? I'm in the market for a 4" and can't figure if the BTB is a quality product or not. The guys at BTB think all of there stuff is the best so it's hard to say.
Somebody out there is using BTB, please call in and help us!

PS: Alcan?
In all cases these companies have a manufacturer build the springs for them. It all comes down to design and spring quality and I think spring quality is very important.

I had a local spring shop mock up a set off OMEs and they worked great, full flex right out of the box and a year later they have only settle 1/2 inch.

It is definitley a science building springs and with cruisers there should be a right left front rear spring designation. They do carry a fair bit more weight in the 60 series on the drivers side.

As for the 40s I am sure you would not have this concern.

Sorry for not answering your BTB question.

I don't know about BTB springs, but MAF and many (most?) of the other private brands of springs are all made by the same manufacturer in Canada. Although there are some design differences, I would bet that they use the same spring stock and manufacturing process so that the quality is essentially equivalent. Call them and ask them who makes their springs for them and where and if they are made by the same manufacture I would assume that the quality is about the same. Some vendors seem a little secretive about who makes their springs.

They used to be manufactured by McCoy, but they sold off the spring fdivision to Western Suspension Products. Apparently they are still made in the same factory.

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