Brake issue..

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Mar 30, 2008
London UK
So my overland HJ60 is suffering from some brake issues...

Most of the time the brakes are OK (junctions, roundabouts etc), but if you need to brake very quickly I feel like the pedal is going to the floor.

It does have resistance and the brakes do work - but not as well as I would like.

So far what we have done;

Changed the brake fluid (twice and bled again after the second fluid change) there is no air in it and the brake fluid was from new good quality containers.

Pads are in good condition, free from oil etc.

Discs and drums are also good.

Flexible lines look to be in good condition. There are no leeks as the fluid is not going down.

All the cylinders / calipers where rebuilt before I left the UK.

So the only other places are the master cylinder or brake booster.

I'm in Kenya, Africa at the moment so please don't tell me to go to a garage with lots of tools and equipment! It needs to be something I can do myself.

Sounds like th MC would be the next item to check. Bad seals in the MC could cause the symptoms you describe. A bad booster would only make the pedal hard.

Not sure how to diagnose the bad MC aside from replacing it with a new/rebuilt one. However, if you have eliminated bad cylinders, calipers and leaks, the MC is likely the problem.

Good luck.
I gather that you've driven it some distance. Are you losing brake fluid? If so that would be a big indicator of a bad master, but lack of it doesn't rule this out. If the brake tubes will let you I'd pop the master loose from the booster and look to see if it is wet at the back of the master. If wet, the master needs to be replaced or rebuilt which ever is more easily done at your location.
Qwenly, I am here in Kenya as well. If you need help locating parts I can point you in the right direction for the best parts houses, and if you do decide you want a mechanic, I have one I can highly recommend and has always taken care of me very well. He is located out in Karen. Here is my cell number if I can help out: 0738-922602


I'd go with MC. Just had the same problem myself. Replaced the MC and problems disappeared.

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