Bought a New Heart For The 40

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Jul 30, 2006
NSW, Australia
hey guys
i finally bought the motor ill be leaving in my truck for good.. its a complete motor with gearbox etc just pretty much everything ready to go, now it comes the fun time... i have to figure out how to fit this:

into this:

although one of my mates is doing the soa and engine conversion at the end of the year for me, as he has just completed his soa and 2h swap on his 40 so the 12ht wont be all that hard for him, so that should save me a few head ache's haha,

anyway ill be rebuilding the whole motor, gearbox and turbo before it goes into my truck just so i know i wont have to pull the motor out anytime in the near future.
any thoughts just post up and ill be starting a build up thread around the september mark so keep your eyes peeled:clap:

Thanks Mitch
Nice work Mitch!!! Will be keen as to see how the swap turns out! A mate has been trying to convince me to do the same swap.....Just not sure if I would enjoy a desiel...
Cool color. Dad used to have '69 GTO same color that'd grab 4th gear. Thanks for the flashback !!
yeh it should turn out pretty good in the end as the soa, motor conversion, power steering and air con are all happening around september so yeh ill keep you guys updated.

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