Bosch Plug Wires

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Mar 28, 2003
Minneapolis, MN
LandToy80 made a comment the other day about Bosch plug wires. He said that they fall apart when removing them. This got me thinking since I have those wires. I recently changed out my spark plugs which was the first time I have had the Bosch wires off since I put them on. After that I noticed a change when starting the truck. It seemed to take longer to fire and ran rough for the first few seconds then it was fine after that. When I got the truck it had Jacobs 8mil performance wires. The FSM says to check the resistance of your wires before replacing. For fun I check both sets.

Bosch 12-14
Jacobs 5-6

Needless to say the Jacobs are back in and it starts perfect and idles smoother.

Anybody ever check what the resistance is on OEM?
I've heard of numerous problems with aftermarket wires for the 3FE, with fit being at the top of the list. FWIW, I just picked up a set of OEM wires from CDan for only a bit more than the Bosch wires. I'm sticking with OEM.

If you still have the receipt, get your $$ back as they have a life time warranty. I called the factory and told them the fell apart, Bosch said they would refund my $$. I went to parts store and checked the other ones they had and the rubber part would pop off the shaft, the parts dudedet gave me my $$ back 8)

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