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Jun 14, 2013
Sandy Utah area
Got the click today, I am looking to replace both front axle halves as I figure 320k on the set is a good long run. I found some old threads but I wanted to see what the current recommendation is

1. replace the outer stub only
2. cro-mo or not?
3. brands

1. with stubs only I assume I need 24 big inner and 30 outer? Also is there a reason to NOT mix cro-mo stubs with OE axles? I don't mind just replacing the stub if there is no reason to replace the inner axle shaft. Seems like good stubs are about $600 a pair though and full kits are about $750.

2.From what I understand Cro-mo are stronger for shock loading but wear faster. Im on 33's with 4.56 gears and don't really do a lot of heavy wheeling. I mean, I use my lockers and sliders, but I am not bouncing up rock gardens on 37's. i.e. I would rather have smooth and long-lasting than outright strength.

3. RCV, Nitro, Longfield? Frankly, I think I would rather do someone other than Nitro...I'm not super happy with their gears and I know its not the setup...but I could be persuaded.

Who's got a good rep?


p.s. factory inner axle seals or is someone making something better these days?
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