Best Ignition Coil?

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Jun 13, 2006
Sin City (Vegas)
Is there a good, better, best in ignition coils?

Is any particular year stock coil better than a different year?

Who has tried the aftermarket coils and what is your impression?

I once read a article about the Jacob's system, RV model I think, that you could somehow adjust timing from inside the cab but that was $$$.
I tried an MSD Blaster 2 coil a few years ago (22RE engine). The OEM ignitor got super hot, I was afraid it was gonna burn up, so I switched back to the original OEM coil. Honestly, I couldn't tell any difference.
This may be somewhat of a hijack, but has anybody heard of using a GM Ignition Module in place of the OEM igniter?
One of the guys here at work researched it and has been using it on his "85 with a 22R. I guess he had to install a resistor in one of the wires to send the proper signal back to the computer, and he mounted it on a heat sink with plenty of dielectric grease.
yeah. a guy i knew had that junk in there along with a turbo.

huge turbo and scary fast.

as far as the HEI junk, i have no info on how a guy would do it. cause i WONT do it. ;)
I've used the HEI modules on a couple of different electronic ignition conversions.

They are power hogs, GM supplies power to them with a 10 or 12 ga. wire for a reason.

As you've noted, they need a heat sink, all of that power has to go somewhere!

They need a strong pulse. If the reluctor & pick-up coil don't make nearly a 1 VDC or greater pulse you're likely to have troubles.

The OE modules start to loose dwell angle at pretty low RPMs. The modules sold by Performance Distributors were much better at the time of a friend & I's testing (many years ago now). We could not go high enough to see any dwell angle loss.

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