BEST compound/liquid to clean stock 16" wheels

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Jan 7, 2013
San Diego
I searched already here on 100 series and I searched on the tire section and couldn't find an answer. What is the best cleaning compound to clean the STOCK 16" wheels on the 100 Series. I am buying one of those drill attachments that allow you to clean the wheel so that it looks "brand new" But I wanted someone's expertise here on what to use on the spinning drill attachment. A dry compound made my MOTHER"S or maybe or a liquid to use. THANKS!!
Clean them with a good wheel cleaner then dry and use a auto paint "polish" to polish out any stains. The 3M safe-cut polish is good. Once you do that, follow up with a coat of wax or one of the new spray on wheel protective sprays made by eagle 1 or armor all.
I myself swear by Simple Green - Smart & Final sells the Full strength - concentrated gallon containers.
Sorrry for going off the topic but CKKONE do you recommend your 295/75/16 Nittro TG - I am thinking of buying the same tire/size,etc) THANKS
But I will look into buying the 3M (another great company) safe-cut polish. What I was looking for was exact names of products that you guys and gals have used with success. I willl be attaching one of the drill cleaning attachments for cleaning my ALREADY clean wheels but I just want to clean between the lug nuts, everything. "Attention to Detail" HooYah

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