Bellhousing and clutch question

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Jul 26, 2006
Thornton, CO
I have a question about making an bellhousing adapter plate. I want to put a chevy 6.2L diesel into an FJ60, I have access to a machine shop but don't want to spend money on a Mark's Adapter kit ($1200+). I am not asking for engine placement comments, just need to confirm that the below will work.

Here is the PDF for the Mark's Kit on the AA Site (page 2 shows cross section):

My thoughts are as follows:
  1. Make 1" adapter plate that bolts to back of Chevy block with countersunk bolts and has dowelled and threaded holes to accept Toyota H42 bellhousing.
  2. Make 1" crank spacer that moves flywheel away from engine by 1".
  3. Mount externally balanced flywheel to crank spacer.
  4. Mount stock toyota clutch and pressure plate to flywheel. Requires drilling/tapping of new bolt pattern?
  5. Make pilot bushing adapter that moves toyota pilot bushing away from crank by 1".
This would mean making 3 parts, modifying a chevy flywheel and using stock toyota clutch components.

  1. Will it work?
  2. Do I need to drill and tap Chevy Flywheel for Toyota clutch?
  3. How thick can I make the spacers? The problem I see is that the flywheel gets pretty far from the block.
  4. What to do with the starter? Modify the toyota bellhousing with a bracket?:confused:
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Two thoughts:

will the Toyota clutch hold the new found torque from the 6.2?

if it will:confused:

maybe you could make the 1" flywheel spacer into an adapter for the Toyota flywheel to the 6.2's crank?

This would enable you to continue to use the Toyota starter attached to the Toyota bell housing.

will a Toyota starter turn a 6.2?

I like the idea of using the crank spacer to use the toyota flywheel. Only problem is that a GM diesel is externally balanced and requires a special flywheel. If it was a gasser, that would work.

In regards to the starter... good question. Higher compression diesel will be harder to turn over.

The idea might work if it was a 350 and I used all the toyota parts?
why not use an AA or Downey Chevy to cruiser tranny bellhousing? You can get 'em used for $100...use stock flywheel and PP, cruiser friction plate. if stock PP is 12", either use chevy 11" PP or have South Bend Clutch build a friction plate with cruiser hub and 12" dia.

am I missing something here?

Adapter for 100$

I didn't know I could find an adapter for 100$! :eek: I have looked and the AA V8 to Toyota 4spd adapter is $634 new. The Downey is $400 new. I don't see a lot of adapters listed in the for sale section, but I will look.

The thing I miss with the adapter plate is as follows:
  • The standard adapter, v8 to 4spd, puts the chevy engine against the firewall.
  • The Mark's kit adds 4.807" additional inches of space beyone this.
So back to the original question, now modified:
  • Make an adapter plate, Chevy bellhousing to Toyota 4spd which is X inches thick.
  • Make a crankshaft spacer that is also X inches thick.
  • Make a pilot bearing spacer that is X inches thick and holds the toyota pilot bearing in the chevy crank.
  • Use the stock chevy flywheel, pressure plate, and clutch (with toyota hub).
  • Mount chevy starter on the adapter plate or make relocation bracket.
  • How big can I make dimension X before the flywheel applies too much side load to the crankshaft??? Can I get 2, 3, or 4 inches of spacing? :confused:
  • Will a toyota throwout bearing, fork, slave, etc work with a chevy pressure plate?

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