Bedliner choices and decisions

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Dec 1, 2008
In looking around there seem to be three diy bedliner choices. Rustoleum, Herculiner and Duplicolor.

My reasoning for using one of these is to protect the bed against shovels etc when I'm using it for mulch, topsoil etc.

I focusing on the Rustoleum and herculiner as I haven't seen the duplicolor around here yet.

Interesting in any experiences, good and bad for these two for use on my M416.

I have heard the Duplicolor doesn't hold up well, I have used Herculiner and it worked pretty good.

I plan to use Herculiner for the inside of my trailer once I get to that point.
Gator gard sounds like a rebranded Rustoleum. Thats the only two part out there requiring mixing that I know about.

I'm ready to ditch the rustoleum due to its two pack set up.. But its spray version may get the nod to reach those tricky to reach bits.
Raptor U-POL

I've heard good things about Raptor Bed Liner by U-Pol. I have yet to hear anything negative about it. It uses a base and a hardener. Choice of pot life/dry times controlled by the speed of the hardener. I have only seen it sprayed on as the kit comes with a shutz gun.
Corrrection time!

While at my local Auto parts store next to the Herculiner kit is a gallon of rustoleum bed liner ready mixed for $59.

Being cheaper than the H product, I got it. One coat is on, if it doesn't rain tomorrow, the second coat will go on as well. Looks good so far!
What store did you get it at? Let us know how the texture comes out. I used Herculiner in the past and it held up really well, but had a rough texture to it that was hard to get mud out of.
I have Herculiner in my 40 and I do not like it at all. It has faded and is too rough. As said before it is a pain to clean. I recently used the rustolem in a rattle can and was impressed with the outcome. It is not near as rough and looked really good. So far it has held up on my Honda Foreman and my brothers Polaris Ranger. I will probably use it to line my M101. I don't know about the fade resistance yet as I have not had it on long enough to tell. At this point I like it better than Herculiner hands down.

I'm thinking about lining the inside of my m101.
Let us know how it turns out with the rustoleum.
What store did you get it at? Let us know how the texture comes out. I used Herculiner in the past and it held up really well, but had a rough texture to it that was hard to get mud out of.

Autozone. It was right next to the Herculiner. Got a few rattle cans for the underside of the trailer.

Use a 4 inch rough wall roller, and goes on easy. Two coats made for a good coating. I initially sprayed the corners and edges of the trailer. After rolling two coats on went back with a brush over those sections for a good finish.

Used about 1/2 to 2/3rds of a gallon on the tub. Now thinking of using it on the visible sections of the chassis since I have so much left!
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I used the Raptor liner on my trailer. The texture is MUCH better than what I've seen from any of the other DIY liners. I haven't really tested it yet. Just hauled a couple trees home from the nursery and some other junk across town. So far it seems to be holding up ok, but there are a couple small chips on a couple corners. Pretty sure any of the DIY liners would have done the same thing, but I wonder if the Raptor is still too brittle. It is more plyable than the Herculiner and Duplicolor but not as much as a professional Linex. Some of that may be due to the increased thickness of a professionally sprayed liner.

Hands down I would choose the Raptor over any of the other DIY liners but it is still not a replacement for a professional liner.

Not the best photos of it but you can at least see the texture.


I don't see anything of the texture that you show in the Raptor liner. The texture such as it its is smaller.

Here is the work in progress.
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spray on bedliner

I have qwikliner spray on bedliner on my truck.It is 1/8" thickness and lifetime warranty chipping,peeling and cracking.:clap:
I used DURABAK for the inside/outside of my 40. The inside is their standard bedliner with the rubber granules and they make a smooth version that i used on the outside. as long as you do the prep really well it has awesome adhesion. my only downside is that the smooth on the outside is very runny during application so very thin coats and i did 3 when i rolled it and 5 when i sprayed it.

Cote-L Distribution Company
39 Bed Liner closeup.jpg
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My brother, son and I made a trip to the Hatfield- McCoy UTV / ATV trails in the West Virginia Mountains. We took the Ranger UTV and my Foreman ATV for my son. The rustoleum rattle can bedliner did great on both the UTV and the ATV. My ATV is totally sprayed underneath then the skidplates on top of that. We were with a group from another forum that included some locals to the area. We took trails that were only known to the locals and were not maintained like the marked trails. Alot of the trails were little more than old ruts on the side of the mountain. Alot of rock scrubbing and trail rash on the skid plates. Overall I am really impressed with the rustoleum bed liner. I have some visible scratches in the liner from dragging over rocks but none that went all the way through the liner to the steel. I did real good prep work and then put 1 light tack coat then 2 or 3 coats on after that. Easy to clean, smoother texture, lays down good, and so far no fading. Overall impression is I am impressed so far. Beats Herculiner hands down. Waste of money putting it in my 40. Eventually 40 will be professionally done.
spray on bedliner

I used qwikliner and it looks fine.It increase the life of my vehicle to protect from rust,scratches and chemical corrosion.It makes my vehicle new.:clap:

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