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pretty nice truck...seems a little rough underneath the body and hood for having a "restoration" done in the early 2000s IMO.

also, seems to me that it should have round headlights right? pre 82 trucks were round, 82 and up were square lights if i remember correctly?

seems like a good daily driver for sure.
They also call it a Tacoma. Hilux all the way. In addition to the rectangle headlights they also say 22R engine. I'm suspicious that this might be a 1982/83 model truck on a 1981 frame, with the 1981 vin bits transferred over. The 10th digit "B" tells us it's a 1981. But the grill and engine say otherwise. Answers, we need answers.

1979-1981: round headlights, 20R engine
1982-83: rectangle headlights, 22R engine.
the "tacoma" listing is probably due to ebay. they dont have a category of hilux or mini truck. i know cause i have tried to search them. guy might have just put tacoma cause its the only truck option.

the engine is a good catch too though.

i would drive it...not for 8k though. seems like he is trying to pass it off as a restoration truck...which it is obviously not.

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