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Jan 13, 2007
Fraser Valley, British Columbia
Came to my e-mail but looks like a very cool event:

Hey all, the 4WDABC has been asked to provide volunteers to help support the BC Overland Rally this coming weekend, July 12-15, at Sasquatch Mountain Resort at Hemlock Valley.

It's important that people scheduled for a shift, actually show up for their shift, so rather that blast it on the groups and get flooded with "I'd love to, but" responses and people who bail at the last minute, we'd appreciate your help in recruiting some of your more reliable members (you'll know who they are) to fill several volunteer positions and roles over the Thursday-Saturday.

Here are the expectations...

1.In exchange for a complimentary (free) pass to the entire BCOR weekend plus camping, I need to schedule an individual for min. 6 hours on the official schedule. This includes parking, booth supervision and trail runs. Both adults and youth are able to attend and volunteer.

2. As volunteers, we represent the 4WDABC reputation and long term goals. The weekend is intended to be a fun and community event and the camping evenings are a great chance to share some drinks and jokes. However, during volunteer shifts, specifically driving and directing parking, I kindly ask that volunteers who represent both the 4WDABC and BCOR, wait until after their shift and off Association time, to indulge in any personal drugs and/or alcohol.

3. As a volunteer you will need to pre-register online and sign an online waiver, as soon as you confirm your availability, I will forward you the link to gain tickets.

4. As a representative of the 4WDABC, we'd prefer volunteers be current paid members.

We need three people working parking at each time slot and I need at least 2 people at the booth. Each trail run hosted by us will need a leader (first truck) and a tail (last truck) with VHF radios. Of course, anyone is more then welcome to help out at the booth outside of their scheduled shift, as well as join any trail run that time allows.

For ease and simplicity, please follow the link to this online poll where you can input your availability(PLEASE PUT YOUR FULL NAME IN THE FORM!):

Doodle: BCOR Volunteer Schedule

If you have additional questions, please email Rachelle at secretary@4wdabc.ca!

Tai Van Patter | Membership Coordinator

Four Wheel Drive Association of British Columbia

PO Box 284 | Surrey, BC | V3T 4W8 | Canada

membership@4wdabc.ca | www.4wdabc.ca

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