For Sale Bar B Cruis....

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United States
Was a 74 cruiser...Now its a bar-b-que trailer on 36" tsl's


pics are old. Its all green now. Includes the cooler on the front and the pintle hitch
trucks (123).jpg
trucks (121).jpg
trucks (126).jpg
How much for the cruiser pulling the trailer?
Sorry, I'll be buried in that one.

I'll post some pics of the grill in the next couple of days. I have to dig them up on my old laptop. I have it stored about 45 minute away right now. If i can't dig up the old pics, i'll take a run out to it on Sat. and take some new ones

2 burners approximately 3 ft long each. 3 propane tanks last all summer. It also has a quick connect for a portable burner.
trucks (124).jpg
trucks (125).jpg

I got your PM. I have to go out to where it's stored to get more pics. The corners are rusted but the floors are good. It has a secondary floor that has lava rock on it. The burners are below that attached to the original floorboard.

Haven't forgot about more pics. Crazy work schedule. I will get to the pics as soon as i can.
how have I not seen this at Surf N Turf?
I got serious BBQ envy. I just got a vision of that rig behind my 40 with a hog a smokin. I guess I could grill my way back East. Good luck w the sale.
Is this still for sale?

would like some more pics if possible.
Totally awesome! I imagine wheeling with things going on the grill!!! cool cool cool!

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